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The International 9 - [August 20-25, 2019] LIVE from Shanghai, China (Updated with True Sight!)


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That's right folks. The International 9 starts today. Group stages run through the 15-18 and the main event begins on the 20 - 25.

As of posting the prize pool is at $32,946,540 - The first place team is guaranteed to win nearly 15 million dollars. Even the last place teams will get $80,000 :money:


Q: What is The International?

A: The International is the name of an esports tournament hosted by Valve for their very popular game DOTA 2. 18 teams are in this year's tournament, only one will emerge victorious.

List of 18 teams in spoiler tag:


Chaos Esports Club
Keen Gaming
Team Liquid
Team Secret
TNC Predator
 Evil Geniuses
Natus Vincere
Ninjas in Pyjamas
Royal Never Give Up
Vici Gaming



Q: Why should I care?

A: TI is basically the Super Bowl of esports featuring the best DOTA players in the world. EVO, while large is more like the world series. TI is much more of a spectacle and also has the largest prize pool in esports.


Q: I have no idea what this game is and how it's played and I'll be unable to follow it.

A: Valve recognizes that not only is DOTA an intimidating game to learn how to play it is probably just as hard to watch. They have tried to quell these fears by introducing folks to the "Newcomer Stream" where the casters will routinely explain game mechanics, items and how to play the game to the audience and it also has informational overlays to make it easier to watch. As any sport jumping in my be confusing at first, people still aren't even sure how NFL football is played but they still watch it. In any case you can watch the newcomer stream HERE


Q: I might watch but I want to see what all this nonsense is before I commit

A: You should probably watch this well produced video (at least part of it) about last year's champions, OG. It humanizes the game as well as explains a lot of what I posted ITT





Q: esports suck

A: Well, you can continue to not post in this thread like you did last year.


With all of that out of the way, here is the main TI stream (most likely the main event will be on this one) but there are 4 other streams as well




Now for the bad news, since the tournament is being played in China this year most of you will be asleep or at work while the games are being played. For instance tonight (which is the 15th in China) games start at 6PM pst and will run through the night the last series wrapping up at 4AM pst. :epilepsy:

The good(ish) news is the main event finals would be running on Saturday at 7PM pst so most people can catch that if they are willing to stay up on a Saturday night.


If there's anything else I can do for you just holla :peace:

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I saw part of that when watching someone else's twitch stream. There is some pretty cool editing and effects. I prefer LoL to DOTA2, as a spectator and player(I don't care for LoL but I have never played DOTA), but DOTA is leagues above LoL in almost every way. 

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I watched the True Sight more or less immediately. I'm a pretty low engagement dota spectator but the last TI was so special between the back to back OG win, OG cracking open the meta while everyone watches, Liquid's insane loser's bracket run after an underwhelming season, and my general fandom for both Liquid and OG. 


I'm sad to see most of OG choose to step back and Liquid (now the horribly named Nigma) stress me out with their continued ability to flame out, but I'm happy that Matu has found success on the new Secret roster.

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