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Artic permafrost is melting so fast

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In the Arctic, a changing climate isn't something that might happen in the near future. In the uppermost stretches of the Northern Hemisphere, it's already happening now.

Temperatures are warming; sea ice is retreating.

And a new study says permafrost is melting so fast in the Arctic that it's not only ripping up the landscape, but it's also wrecking scientific equipment and making climate change even worse for all of us.

"Anything built on permafrost (like roads) will be affected," Thoman told CNN. "You can see it on the natural landscape as well."

Because of the possible changed working conditions brought on by the permafrost melt, scientists working in the Arctic will need to develop new strategies and get more creative as they conduct research there, Turetsky said.

A thawing Arctic will contribute a lot more carbon to the atmosphere, she added, estimating it could be like the world absorbing the emissions of two more large countries.


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