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Mega ST announced (by analogue)


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I kind of want a model 2 Sega CD. I wish my model one worked. I know my CDX works. I also know the Model 2 is easier to fix if/when it breaks. I want to see a picture of this connected to a Sega CD. But I really hope the Kevtris releases a CFW that will have Sega CD support built in like 32X maybe.

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58 minutes ago, Rodimus said:

I just heard there will be a Game Gear adaptor.

Yep, been known since day one. The unit comes with an adapter for master system but they will also produce adapters for game gear, my card and sg1000/mark3. I think the price is expected to be $10 for the adapters.


I have to say, the GG adapter is 50% of the reason I want one (i’ve got quite a few loose GG games).



i haven’t ordered one yet because you pay up front and I can just wait and order closer to launch even if it means I get in on a second run).

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MegaSG is launching early and will be shipping out on March 25th. There are also some videos posted of the boot screen and settings.


I really want one but i'm also holding out on my last attempt to convince my wife to let me build a small barcade. -.-





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I also have a side question, if say you were to buy one, would you still feel the need to hold on to the original systems? I ask because I did that with the SuperNT and was fine with it. So I question if I really need to hold on to my Gen Model 1, Master System & GameGear if I got one. While I do maybe want to keep the Genesis incase I ever get a 32x, I'm not sure I would play the MS again if I had this. Plus the screen on my GameGear is getting bad so it's slowly getting harder to play on it (Not sure I will go through the efforts of doing an LCD mod).

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So many reviews are out. Seems like it is solid no surprise there. I expect some firmware updates to smooth some things out. Also I expect a later firmware unlocking more like playing games of the SD card. I'm waiting on that. They are right if you don't have an RGB setup to play Genesis then check this out. I'm still tempted as well.

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