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3DS problem


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10 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

Anybody have issues with 3DS not recognizing cartridges? I keep having to mess with it to finally work.


If it's happening with just one cart, the cart is probably dirty. Might be able to see it on the metal bits of the cartridge. If it's multiple carts, could either be that there's gunk in the cartridge slot or something in there is bent. If it's gunk in either location (cart or slot) you could look into cleaning the contacts with isopropyl alcohol. If there's something really chunky in the slot, you could try compressed air.



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Ah Ok. When you said NSMB 1+2 I thought you might have a single cart with two games on it. In this case I think you need to clean the pins on your carts and maybe try with something non metal to clean the contact pins inside your 3ds. You've probably got some dust/dirt built up that is affecting the connection.

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