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I hate the Yoshi race in Mario rpg!


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On 11/22/2023 at 12:17 PM, EternallDarkness said:

Forgot how frustrating this part of the game was. Must be because I have no sense of rhythm :p I'm fo off that every time I hit B Yoshi ends up jumping instead of running 

I'm not that far in, but the Midas River bit didn't hold up to well with me. I mean it was ok, but not very exciting.

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3 hours ago, crispy4000 said:

Mario RPG is sort of Porto FF7 with some mini games worked into the plot.  It’s also hit or miss like that game.  On the positive, there’s much more variety there than the Paper Mario games.

I've really tried to like the paper mario series and nope. Interest always drops off dramatically after 10 hrs or so. And yet I've tried all of them so them problem is me. But SMRPG held my interest from the get go and never let up. Probably because I was a Square fan boy once upon a time

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