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James Gunn Confirms Three Actors...

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...who will continue their roles in his DCU going forward.



With the writers strike now resolved, the co-head of DC Studios addressed fan questions about which performers will reprise their characters moving...



Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

Xoxo Mariduena as Blue Beetle and John Cena as Peacemaker 


For those that care.

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Yeah, I read this yesterday and I'm not sure how muddying the waters further when a rebooted clean slate is the way to go for the DCU. Make a clean break, clean the stench of the Snyderverse off completely. I'm also not sure what he means exactly either. If Viola Davis shows up in Creature Commandos, is this a new Amanda Waller like how Judi Dench was a new M in the Craig era vs. the M she played in the Brosnan era in the Bond movies? While I can grasp that, doing that with multiple characters (as opposed to just one) when this is meant to be a reboot will confuse audiences but in the end perhaps no one will care if it makes sense or not so long as the movies are good. Still, not the greatest first step in terms of planning, but I get wanting to keep actors who were good in their roles in unsuccessful projects, getting a new chance with the character. Still wondering how this works with Peacemaker - did Peacemaker season 1 not happen for Peacemaker season 2? Since season 1 was clearly attached to the DCEU.

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I'm fine with Viola Davis continuing. She's good in the role, it's not a major one, and it doesn't really matter. It feels a bit like keeping JK Simmons on as J Jonah Jameson.


I thought Xolo was fine as Blue Beetle, but overall the movie was bad and I don't see any reason that you'd need to continue with that character. It's not like he's a linchpin to a wider DCU, and it wasn't exactly a box office draw (making $125M on a budget of $120M). Honestly, if that's the vibe that Gunn wants for the new DCU, it makes me a bit nervous.


If keeping John Cena just means more seasons of Peacemaker on HBO, that's a win. The show is funny, and even though it takes place in the DCU, it feels almost meta. If he shows up in some films, that would probably be fine.

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