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I hate it when wiki articles for shows just have open spoilers in the basic description

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Like, I just started watching Stranger Things (I know), and sometimes I like to have the wikipedia page for a show on while I'm watching it to help me remember who is who and which actors are playing which characters or whatever, and the page for Stranger Things just has straight up spoilers in the character descriptions.


It's one thing for spoilers to be in a plot summary, since, y'know... But if I'm just looking up a show's basic information I don't want it to say "and then in season 3 Jack murders jill via snu-snu."

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22 minutes ago, Fizzzzle said:

It's one of those shows that I've always heard great things about but has never piqued my interest very much.




Nah man, never feel like you have to be interested or you missed out. With all the movies, shows, games, news, plays, operas, books, podcasts, Youtube channels, etc., that exist, some things you're not going to race to watch when they release. :p 

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