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A friend of mine took their own life.


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This isn’t the first person that I’ve known to commit suicide but it’s hit harder than I thought.


I used to be a person that got their hair cut at the fastest/cheapest place until a friend recommended a local barbers. Whilst there, a guy started as an apprentice and later went on to be my barber for the past 4 years. 

I used to do look forward to going as we’d have a wonderful conversation about rugby, politics, teaching - all things that he was very informed/interested in as well. Reality is, he became a friend over the years. 


I sadly learned yesterday that he committed suicide in March. 


I miss him much more than I thought I would. I think because I had no clue he was struggling and he had so much to offer so many people.


I hope you’re OK Stu, take care.

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Sometimes a loss hits you harder than your think and you can never really predict how you'll process grief.


Last summer I found out that this guy who frequented my bar for many years died. He had parkinson's and he was in his 70's, so it wasn't out of the blue, but it never occurred to me how much I cared about him until I found out he was gone. He came in every day at 3pm on the dot. He would drink 2 beers while he did the daily crossword. The table he always sat in has a permanent etching of his crosswords. He wouldn't talk to that many people, but we would always shoot the shit for a little bit.


We had his sister's phone number in case he ever didn't show up for a few days so that we could let her know and she could check up on him, since he lived alone.


I found out last summer that he had died a few months before. I was a fucking wreck.

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