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Republicans are only 4 states away from calling a constitutional convention.

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No they’re not


To hold a new convention, two-thirds of all state legislatures—34 total—must apply to hold the gathering, where lawmakers would have broad freedom to change the Constitution however they saw fit. Three-quarters of states would have to ratify their proposed amendments.

There’s enough solidly democratic states to block the amendments. This is FUD

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Also, Jesus how did I not mention this before: the right is already dismantling our rights it’s called the Supreme Court.

(And this is to say nothing of the intra right wing fighting that would even take place when it comes to drafting actual new legislation. Big simple items like balanced budget or term limits or even life starts at conception yeah those might be unifying but outside of that, ire towards the left and grievance will only do so much for you especially when they get to brass tacks of putting words to paper)

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