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Any Xbone PUBG players here?


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3 hours ago, qwik4a6 said:

haven't played in months.  I have an X. How have the updates been? Any drastic improvements to the frame rate?

On framerates mostly it’s just a lot more stable, still only 30 though.


Beyond that they’ve made great strides in balancing the game in regards to weapon differences. They added a lot more attachments that change the way guns handle so you can tune each weapon to the way you like to use them.


I think it’s a significantly improved experience.

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On 9/5/2018 at 11:38 PM, XxEvil AshxX said:

I'm more likely to play more once the team deathmatch mode is put in. This whole "run around for 20 minutes and get killed by the first person you come across" doesn't really do it for me.

The mini-map games are way faster. Lots more loot, faster storm closures. Very different dynamic from the larger maps.

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