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Wrestling- The Johnny Gorgano vs Tomaso Ciampa feud is the best thing WWE has done in years

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Anyone seen both matches? Easily the best matches I've seen out of the WWE in years. I imagine there will be another match, with Ciampa going over but with Gorgano looking strong like their second match. I'm liking Ciampa's heel run, too bad he's another "vanilla midget" that would be part of the Miztourage or tagging with Tyler Breeze 6 months after his callup.

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10 minutes ago, Dodger said:

I don't even watch NXT anymore. Literally the only NXT I've watched the last year is those two matches, which were incredible IMO. 


I watched the first Take Over PPV a few years back and it was pretty awesome. I remember Emma vs Paige being an incredible match, prior to the main product allowing the women to be serious.

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I just don't watch much (new) wrestling ever since TNA became complete late WCW level garbage but I have watched some NXT before and it kind of does what I liked about TNA, just a PG version. What I liked about TNA and NXT is that guys like Jeff Hardy or Christian or Finn Balor or Samoa Joe or Bully/Bubba Ray could be the top guy/champ and have interesting characters instead of just being mid card/tag team fodder. 


I probably need to start watching Ring of Honor or NJPW or something to get my proper wrestling fix but last thing I need is more damn network subscriptions. 

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4 hours ago, Hurdyb1 said:

I need to catch this feud. The main roster is really starting to bore me. My son and I have been watching NXT matches and 205 Live matches here and there. Their matches blow the main roster matches out of the water. 


Team Hell No, though. :o :p 

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