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BO Report: Quiet Place II opens to nearly $50 million, close to what it was expected to make when its release was March 2020 (aka: theaters are back, baby)

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You can almost hear the collective sigh of relief from studio executives across Hollywood. After a brutal year and change for the movie theater business, the North American box office is finally showing signs of life again. That’s mostly thanks to John Krasinski’s post-apocalyptic thriller “A Quiet Place Part II.” The sequel collected a roaring […]



Those ticket sales are significant because they are not far off from what the movie was projected to make prior to the pandemic. (The sequel was originally set to release in March of 2020, and, well, we all know what happened then.) The original “A Quiet Place” opened to $50 million in 2018, a huge result for a movie that’s not based on existing IP. The studio’s decision to hold the follow-up film until theaters reopened to a significant degree proved to be prudent. The first film cost just $17 million to produce, while the second carries a $61 million price tag.


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Went & saw this in IMAX on Sunday, the theater was about half full or so (largest cinema group in the last 16+ months) and on that day it was already in the mid $40M range nearing $50M. 


The amount of ratcheting tension expertly built in multiple scenes, just astonishing & quite refreshing to be THAT in the moment, lost to what is transpiring on screen, absolutely captivated by the moment to moment of it all. I had had a drink prior to going into the screening that went right through me so the whole damn time I had to pee, but I would not allow myself to get up because I was so enthralled by it all. So much so that by the climax of the film, the tension was SO grand that I actually forgot I had to take a leak because I was so in the moment of the movie. 


Bravo to John, & all those involved. Always been a huge fan of Cillian Murphy & some of his scenes with Milly are astonishing, then there's Milly who just really owns & carries this movie SO SO MUCH! Add to that, the fact that so much of it was filmed just a couple hours from me, sort of fills me with extra heartfelt emotions!

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