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Computer makes buzzing noise when I turn it on.

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Heard a buzzing noise when I turned on my computer, so turned it off and on several times.

Pretty sure it's not the HDD, because my computer has an SSD.

Computer's barely a month old. There's no way something's wrong with it already.

Heard the buzzing noise again today and the other day.

I don't know if I'm just not used to the differences between my new computer and my old computer that I had for 7-8 years. I'm not used to there being less of a delay between when you press the power button and when the computer turns on, for example.


Heard the buzzing again today and the other day.

Not sure it's the fan either, because my fan is pretty quiet to the point where I barely hear it.

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Maybe the power supply is making the noise? Even new out of the box it could have a slight defect. You could probably check YouTube for examples of a power supply buzzing or making a coil whine noise. The computer being so new, it's something that would be covered under warranty. 

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Mute your speaker volume and run some stress tests.


Put the GPU under load and see if the buzzing sound returns.

Monitor the GPU fans to see when they start spinning.  When the rest of your system is quiet, the GPU fans can make a scratchy buzzing or whirring sound, usually a soft sound but noticeable, when they spin up under load.

Otherwise, could be coil whine from the GPU or maybe the PSU.


Put the CPU under load and see if the buzzing sound returns.

Again, especially if you have a stock cooler, you could be hearing the CPU fan ramp up to full speed.  And this is normal upon boot.

Otherwise, probably coil whine from the PSU.



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