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time to kickstart MST3k, again

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I've already pledged $190. I went with the $100 level to get the new season on direct download, AND pitched in an extra $90 with the add-ons to get direct downloads of the Netflix seasons. 


Also, they've been streaming movies on zoom with various cast members talking, reminiscing, teasing the new season, and riffing. 

You can watch them all here:



Every single one of the people they've had on is a wonderful comedian, writer, and performer. This show is just so damn good. The future is in good hands. 

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4.4 million level hit and they are pacing ahead of where they were on the first kickstarter so 5.5 is possible but this kickstarter might have been more frontloaded since people have a better idea what they are getting into this time around. 

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Yeah! They had Mary Jo Pehl on a few nights ago with the female cast of the roadshow and previous season. Then J. Elvis Weinstein joined the Servos (minus Kevin) for another riff. 



So one of the big deals from the Kickstarter is that they're developing something called the Gizmoplex, which is going to be part streaming platform for existing episodes, but also a hub for the subscribers where you can do watch parties of episodes, and for the team to host live events. So far they said it's planned for maybe once a month or so. 


And I think that's a great idea, because I've never had more fun watching MST3k than I have when I watch it with other people. These watch parties they've been hosting have been worth the cost of what I've put into the Kickstarter, for me. 

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Ive been in for $100 since the first week. My wife and I are huge fans of mst and rifftrax. It’s nearly at 6.15. It needs to get above 6.364 for a 13th episode. 

I’m caught off guard at the magnitude of the last couple of days. I was thinking it may get to 9 episodes, but this is great! If they execute this in a competent way, hopefully it will be sustainable to have mst without Kickstarter’s going forward. 

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