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G. Gordon Liddy, convicted Watergate conspirator, dies at 90

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G. Gordon Liddy -- a former FBI agent, organizer of the Watergate break-in and radio show host -- has died at age 90, his son confirmed to CNN.



Liddy, who worked for the reelection committee for President Richard Nixon, is infamously known for having overseen the break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office complex on the night of June 17, 1972, saying later that "I certainly regret that the mission failed." He was convicted for his part in organizing the break-in on charges of burglary, conspiracy and wiretapping and served four-and-a-half years after President Jimmy Carter commuted his original 20-year sentence to eight.



After prison, Liddy took advantage of his notoriety, hosting a radio talk show, guest starring in TV programs -- he once said, "I most of all go for the villain roles, I really like those" -- and speaking engagements in front of conservative groups.

In the decades following his conviction, Liddy continued to be involved in Republican politics. In 1998, Liddy gave a fundraiser in his Scottsdale, Arizona, home for the late Arizona Republican John McCain's senatorial reelection campaign, with the two posing for photographs together. In May 2007, as a presidential candidate, McCain was a guest on Liddy's syndicated radio show.


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Progressives are going to cheer because this creep is dead, and conservative media will use that to whine about civility and how Democrats are bullies. The mainstream media will lap it up.

As for Liddy, he was a psycho-lunatic who worked to bring down our republic. The fewer of those in our nation, the better.

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