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In other tales of deregulation.

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The Trump administration pushed to expand a USDA test program that allowed for faster slaughter times and "self regulation," it turns out that maybe letting companies regulate themselves isn't a good idea, and that they'll even lie about it to tell you its actually really awesome!



The Trump administration approved the program for nationwide use without disclosing the findings.

Hogs slaughtered at pork plants where a USDA food safety inspection program was tested had contamination rates nearly twice that of hogs processed in traditional plants over a recent four-year period, information that was not disclosed during the Trump administration’s push to expand the system to plants around the nation, newly released records show.


“This data shows that when swine slaughter plants are left to police themselves, as they are under the Trump administration’s new inspection rules, there is more fecal matter and digestive contents that ends up on the food we eat,” said Zach Corrigan, senior attorney for the organization.


The North American Meat Institute, a trade group for the industry, said in a statement that the higher citation rates in the test plants does not necessarily mean more pork is being contaminated. The new system requires that USDA inspectors perform at least twice as many inspection tasks off the slaughter line — sometimes referred to as spot checks — as they do in traditional plants. This is probably the cause for the higher rate of citations, said spokeswoman Sarah Little.

However, Corrigan said the rates account for this, because they were calculated by looking at the number of violations per spot check. “The rate per spot check nearly doubled,” he said. Corrigan said that means that plant employees on the slaughter line — where USDA inspectors once worked — are failing to remove the contamination before it reaches the end of the slaughter line.

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