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Madison Cawthorn has no anus

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Cause he is full of shit. Lots of goodies here:

He lied about being accepted by the Naval Academy, he lied about being a business owner, and he lied about training for the Paralympic Games. The only thing he has ever done is jerked it to Hitler and posed with a gun while wearing molon labe shit. Molon labe, of course, is Greek for "I almost enlisted."


Republicans will vote for any dumbass who plays with guns. I look forward to a GI Joe action figure being their hot new candidate. 

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As resident cripple: paras are the worst.  



His friend's insurance company offered him $3 million to cover his medical treatment, but Cawthorn sued the company for $30 million. A judge later ruled in the insurer's favor


Judge should have given him nothing, put his ass on Medicaid and the 4+ year waitlist for disability services. 

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