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I believe I might have gotten myself IP blocked from the site...


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Posting this from my phone on mobile, but I was running streetmerchant(stock checker) on my PC. At some point Newegg temp banned my IP and I assume somehow that got shared across Cloudfront and now can't get to D1P from my home network. 


I have since learned the error of my ways (and was annoyed by a lot of false alerts from streetmerchant).


Please let me know what I need to provide to get unblocked.

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If Cloudflare is the one blocking you I'm not sure if there's anything we can do short of completely disabling Cloudflare. I just checked and it doesn't look like it's anything else on our end that we can control. Unless you have a static IP address I guess it should eventually resolve itself when your IP address refreshes?


@Commissar SFLUFAN?

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11 minutes ago, ThreePi said:

The error is a "403 Forbidden" from CloudFront (Amazon) not Cloudflare. I didn't think about it but I can definitely look into seeing how to refresh my IP. 


Ah my mixup on Cloudfront vs Cloudflare but I think that either way it's something we can't control unfortunately. The IP refresh is probably going to be more productive to pursue.

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