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PSA Humble Fall VR Bundle!


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I know we have a lot of new VR users here and even the $1 tier in this bundle is fantastic! 



Grab your headset and hand sensors! Pay what you want for awesome VR games worth over $200 and support Movember, or a charity of your choice!


Some of these games do have Quest native versions but for the price might as well get the superior option if your into them.


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3 hours ago, Spork3245 said:

I would definitely recommend going up to the $17 tier just to get Creed and Raw Data, as they’re definitely top level VR games IMO


Awesome to hear. I got it just for the deal on Walking Dead which i’ve been really wanting to play. Creed I know is good from the demo, and happy to hear Raw Data is that highly recommended!


Anyone play Zero Caliber? That looked kinda cool from the trailer.

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