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I went on a walk around Exmoor yesterday.


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So Exmoor is a very nice, quite remote park about an hour from my house that’s mostly farmland and moor land.


I went with my father in law and his brother and it was a series of walking through bogs, up endless fields and hills, through farms and some nice roads. Literally the entire walk though, all I could think was it all felt very Death Stranding. @Mr.Vic20


The route did have quite a cool name though ‘The Chains’.



Image B684752-B-34-FB-43-E4-A91-D-F820-B81492-C4 hosted in ImgBB



Image D75-D6975-D93-B-48-D3-83-EB-102836-D1975-A hosted in ImgBB

Anyone been on any good walks lately?

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18 minutes ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

Wow, is your father in law part of a local rambler group? My wife and I have watched endless episodes of excase to the country, and we are always seeing ramblers! They make it seem quite popular! 

He’s a scout and a dab hand with a compass - without which we’d have been very, very lost. He does go on a lot of walks though.

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Last month I spent a day hiking around Natural Bridge State Park in Kentucky. I took a bunch of pictures that don’t do the park justice. It was great, although halfway through the day I decided to take a trail that’s over 9 miles long (after already hiking a good 5-6 hilly miles). That was stupid, especially because I was alone. I could have easily got hurt or lost and would have been totally screwed. 

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