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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.azcentral.com/amp/5249389002 Personally, I would feel the same way you're feeling and would get together with this group 14 days after they got back from Arizona. Arizona's covid hospitalizations and death numbers appears to be steadily increasing (even after taking into account the lag in reporting the deaths).
  2. That's the graph I was referencing in a previous post. Such a lie that it was "wrongly reported." Curious to see what the chart looks like after May 10th.
  3. It's more intentionally misleading than that -- there are some April dates mixed in with May dates in the right end of the x-axis.
  4. I don't really see it as dishonest. They are testing more, but there's also an increase in hospitalizations supporting the increase in cases. I may have missed some of the more crazy Twitter conversations, but the threads I read didn't seem too bad (Twitter considered). Sidenote: the length of stay for many of these patients can be quite long, which will start to affect hospital systems and which services they provide. Yes, you can have all the ventilators in the world, but patient outcomes will decrease when staff are caring for more patients than they're used to, these patients are requiring rapid interventions, and non-ICUs are converted into ICUs.
  5. The lockdown should have bought us time to flatten the curve, develop processes for mass testing/tracing, support hospitals by securing PPE/equipment/supplies, and pass legislation to support businesses and families affected by the lockdown. Whether it is the state vs federal responsibility is a different topic, but personally, the federal government should have led the response to allocate resources as necessary and support factories and our supply chain... but, incompetence. The people's protests and energy being put towards opening up the states is beyond misguided and should be directed at the government to hurry the f up and protect its people (both physically and financially). The ironic thing is this neglect was done in the sake of the economy to help re-elect Trump. If his stupid ass just did what was expected (listened to the experts and ctrl+c/ctrl+v other countries' policies), I have no doubt he'd be re-elected.
  6. https://www.heart.org/en/health-topics/infective-endocarditis Bacteria can do it also!
  7. Hopefully you and your wife are staying safe. Some of our icu team went to Tijuana to assess their situation and ways we can help provide support. From the sounds of it, it sounds pretty bleak. We're going to try to provide some telehealth support and some nursing protocols we've established, but unsure how much of an impact that will have, if any. The (relatively) good news is there are quite a few hospitals within the San Diego county that are able to help offload if the volume of covid patients continues to increase. But agreed, here's hoping we don't get to that point.
  8. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/health/story/2020-04-24/traffic-jams-border-while-officials-in-both-countries-examine-coronavirus-spikes%3F_amp%3Dtrue There was discussion in the last page about shortages. I can't speak for other areas in the US but south San Diego is currently going through a crisis. Tijuana is a major hot spot and the impact is starting to be felt across the border. One of the hospitals has converted at least one step down unit into a covid icu. There's active transfers of patients to help offload the volume of covid patients. There's already a shortage or anticipated shortage of thermometer probe covers, IV tube extensions, and medications (ex propofol) in my area. There's a huge focus on PPE (100% understandable) but the increasing demand for one-time use supplies, medications, and equipment like PAPRs is being overlooked (imo).
  9. This is going to sound super naive but shouldn't this only be an applicable thing if authorities are notified prior to a citizen's arrest (disregarding the entire notion it's fucking stupid, especially with rifles out like they were really trying to the community a favor)? I'm sure I already know the answer but pulling for some hope that justice is served.
  10. From my experience, it's a combination of the workload (the patients we're seeing are sicker than many other ARDS patients), the additional stressors of caring for a novel disease, and the extra emotional burden in supporting people in isolation (happening also in non-COVID units). Thankfully we haven't been hit hard, so we've been able to process things and provide support when needed.
  11. I became a huge fan of his after watching last week's 60 Minutes. The daughter's reaction after sipping the martini was wholesome as heck.
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