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  1. I'm sorry to hear for your loss, losing a loved one during these times can take its toll on the grieving process. Hope you're hanging in there. Feel the same way about Republicans, they're beyond horrible. Also, healthcare workers who parrot the hydroxychloroquine/anti-mask bullshit can fuck right off, right along with the forever Trumpers. A nurse I know shared that stupid viral Brietbart video on Facebook... I couldn't fucking believe it.
  2. "Many" doctors and studies or Many "doctors and studies" This walking Chia pet is too much.
  3. Holy dang this thread. Walking down memory lane was a trip. I was MindSet on IGN. Lurked there also, but was more active in the Hip Hop board and SHD/REL at times. Only met davessj during the heyday. Thanks for posting the links to some of those threads. πŸ‘
  4. The entire interview was top notch. Chuck Todd could learn a thing or two on pressing a question.
  5. That's what it looks like to me also. Probably needed some labs drawn for phase 3 of his physical - we'll probably hear how he passed the cognitive test again.
  6. I think the media is partially to blame. When everything is oversimplified into raw cases and deaths using a scoreboard like it's the Superb Owl, it downplays how much is still unknown. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/07/brain-fog-heart-damage-covid-19-s-lingering-problems-alarm-scientists This nonchalant approach like we know all that needs to be learned baffles my mind. Some people will take more precautions to avoid herpes than they would this disease with worse (and potentially indefinite) effects.
  7. Your SIL and other healthcare workers like her are frustrating - not only is having a house party a careless act in and of itself but it'll have impacts on other people who don't work with covid patients. I'm sure anyone questioning the severity of the disease thought it can't be too bad if a nurse impacted by it isn't following guidelines. This virus lends itself well to conspiracy theories: the incubation period and severity/range of symptoms alone can make any conspiracy theory-curious person doubt the impacts of the disease. Then you add inconvenience to the me-first-instant-gr
  8. ftfy From the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid19/excess_deaths.htm) as of today: "Total predicted number of excess deaths since 2/1/2020 across the United States: 148,482 - 202,836" and the ride ain't over.
  9. Ayyyyy. To be fair, I don't see them at all - contactless delivery is the way to go.
  10. That's terrible. Been supporting by ordering from local restaurants on postmates when I've been too lazy to cook (which has been more way too often πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ).
  11. I (dis)like how he's still hospitalized but his minions are tweeting out terrible things under his name. The hospitalization isn't too surprising for someone very sick. The length of stay for someone in our unit has been on the longer side of things. We just took someone off ecmo after 40+ days. Knowing how much this administration lies, bringing up other organs in the tweet makes me think he's worse off than they're leading on.
  12. Curious to see the mental gymnastics saying kneeling *before* the anthem disrespects the anthem. πŸ€”
  13. If I could use multiple emotes, I would, so I went with how I felt first. πŸ™ƒ
  14. (This isn't directed at you, just a general statement) It's fucking frustrating when I hear "I'll survive anyways." This piece was a nice glimpse into reality but I'm hoping it doesn't give people false hope that some treatments are just around the corner. ECMO is such a scarce resource, both the physical machine and the staff to run it (perfusionists or RN specialists). So far we're seeing a 50% survivability rate with ECMO. We're definitely having the same experiences - higher acuity needing more staff (some days we're needing 19 nurses for 12 COVID patients), loss of words for w
  15. This is the kind of stuff that gets me... yea, you're most likely to survive COVID-19, but that's rarely followed up by how they'll cope if they get hospitalized and need intense treatments. Extended periods on the vent is going to be a rough time with rehab plus the thought of needing to recover from delirium and PICS (post-intensive-care-syndrome) is a hard pass. No fucking thanks. If you're down for good reads: https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2020/04/life-after-the-icu/610384/?fbclid=IwAR1q9Xsywc4YKDV2CAIMQh2TQJDvdlTviXpGhCgXQxttv6J_yd0Q6cv-AQU https://www.
  16. Stay safe out there. Our positive cases and hospitalization rates are on that early trajectory. If you can, periodically check in on them; some of the nursing staff I'm working with are struggling. (Disclaimer: not saying they're harming themselves or anything, but it's not out of the realm of possibility since the emotional and physical stress is adding up.)
  17. What's concerning are the ICU and MS COVID occupancy has almost doubled between the 11th and 22nd, and that two week projection is looking quite bleak. I love the transparency and display of information. Me like graphs.
  18. Act 1 Scene 2: COVID Boogaloo Pure speculation: there won't be any defining nationwide waves for the US. Isolated areas will experience their respective waves while the national numbers (positive cases, hospitalizations, deaths, etc) just steadily increase as pockets of "muh freedumb patriots" continue to congregate spreading the disease until effective early treatments and/or vaccine are/is found and withheld for stupid amounts of money. I'm curious to see the impacts on dexamethasone's availability and price in the coming weeks, given the recent news.
  19. I dunno, his two right steps after the ramp are still a little stiff. Could be his bone spurs acting up after mentioning Vietnam in his speech.
  20. Let's add more speculation: I can also see how Trump may have had a stroke. Between "phase one" at Walter Reed and how his right side (right arm in a previous tweet and right step in the above) is off, a stroke seems more likely than lifts in his shoes.
  21. I think the activity is mostly on pc now. I switched clans and joined with the board when cross save went active.
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