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  1. Logan: Official Trailer #1

    That was a damn good trailer. Gets you in emotionally, teases some conflict, and DOES NOT spoil anything.    With that being said, this will probably begin the Logan blackout. 
  2. Official General Comic News Thread

    Thinking of X-Men......   Death of X #2 - Tensions are rising and Cyclops is off the damn chain! This was a good read for me. Fun and kept me engaged especially since there was no fisticuffs action. Decent so far. 
  3. Official General Comic News Thread

    It is interesting to see the various time periods in these covers. I wonder what is coming from that but I am just happy that X-Men comics are still coming!
  4. Ghostbusters was a decent movie

    I thought it was fine. I loved Kate McKinnon's character. 
  5. Shipping 10.26.2016 - Week 43 Pull List

    CIVIL WAR II #6 (OF 8) $4.99 EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #15 $3.99 Wow, next week is probably going to be a HUGE week. 
  6.   I did not even think about that. That thing will need some good duration but probably will have a short battery life. 
  7. WWE 2K17

      While it was a learning curve on last year's game, I mastered the submission and loved it. This year it's tougher. I haven't tried the button mashing option. 
  8. Official General Comic News Thread

      It really is. I find it funny that my favorite two Marvel titles are All New Wolverine and The Mighty Thor. Ask me 10-15 years ago if I would be loving female Wolverine and a female Thor comic, and I may have laughed at the person asking the question until they were crying for asking me such a ridiculous question.    As much as Marvel is pissing me off in some ways, in other ways, they are delivering some good stuff. 
  9. Official General Comic News Thread

    I am just happy to see some new X titles. I am curious about Iceman to see the first arc but I don't think I can commit to a full series unless the character steps up a bit to be more of a mentor and leader now. Or to be supremely confident in his abilities. Dude is mad powerful and he's held back. The gay thing doesn't bother me, I guess cause his role was usually support to the other X-Men and comedy relief. They need to grow Iceman up.     
  10. A whole speech in Spanish is pretty damn impressive when that is not one's first language. 
  11. 2016 NBA Preseason Thread

      I like this trade. 
  12. Many of those that I mentioned, I have not seen in a long time. I haven't seen Ninja Scroll is such a long time. 
  13. WWE 2K17

      I know. Just like that on the old game. 
  14. $20 PSN Card

  15. Fantasy Basketball [Lazy Edit]

    I am!