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  1. Truth be told, I am looking forward to seeing Cyborg on the big screen more than anybody. I probably need to calm my excitement down but he's the one I want to see how is brought into this world.
  2. This would be a great folder if I did not categorize my games in their respective genres like fighting, sports, etc. I may have to create a disc game folder.
  3. I need to rewatch this. It was fun when I saw it awhile back.
  4. Said it before I did. I hope WB has gotten the message about the Flash's costume. It looks just too mechanical. Maybe there is an explanation coming to why it looks that way but it just looks too mechanical and looks like it takes away from his ability has the speedster or like he's truly not in control of his power I mean. Makes me think about the recent Fantastic 4 where I think Johnny (Michael B Jordan) wasn't in complete control of his power and the suit helped him to control it. Tales away from who the character is.
  5. YES!!!!! I can't wait to see Thanos put a major whuppin' on the heroes.
  6. Pretty much nailed it.
  7. To be honest and I hate to admit this but I think I am done with the Terminator movies. I like sequels but it's obvious from the past 3 films there is no direction for the series. I like Terminator 1, 2 , 3, and Salvation. Arnold was the ONLY reason to check Genysis. I am seriously tired of the going back to the past to stop Skynet or kill John Connor. The series needs a serious game plan or a serious hiatus. If it goes back to Cameron in 2019, maybe that is what needs to happen. If it was up to me, the audience would experience the future war of man vs machines but it's not my decision.
  9. BvS deserves a few but this is just overkill. The movie was disappointing but like said above, it's not Catwoman, Steel, or Superman 4 bad.
  10. The only way I want to see a Super Bowl blowout is if Atlanta repeats the beating they gave to the Packers to New England. That would be so SO LOVELY!!!!! But that's the only way I would want to see that scenario.
  11. Same here. This is really good news.
  12. LOL!!! All joking aside. Just think think at that age we were fine with all the wrestlers having the same moves except their finisher. How limited our imaginations were at that time.
  13. Yes!!!!! This is what it sounds like! LOVE IT!!!!!
  14. I remember when WWF Royal Rumble released on SNES, my buddies and I thought wrestling games couldn't get better in 1993. To take WWE 2k17 and a PS4 back to 93............MINDBLOWN!!!!!!!!
  15. They need to market wisely (which they DID NOT do with the Wii U) and maintain a strong 3rd party presence. I think those will be good enough especially the marketing as the casual audience was so confused about the Wii U. Nintendo would also be wise to revisit some old franchises they are sitting on like F-Zero, Punch Out, Metroid, and etc. They have to go for broke now but they have to quit stumbling on their own feet cause them alone are the culprits of their failures.