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  1. PSN Flash sale, ends 1/22 at 8am PST

    I jumped on that $5 Parappa the Rapper so damn fast, . What can I say, I loved it growing up.
  2. No we don't but it's Danny McBride so I'm curious to see if this is legit.
  3. This. I've been trying to find any development info on this since this teaser and nothing. I think it's just Danny McBride being his usual goofy self which is disappointing cause I would like to see him do this foreal.
  4. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    Metroid Other M Madden 17 Injustice 2 Street Fighter V
  5. Venom movie

    Was gonna have me re watch Sucker Punch to see if this Tom Hardy was in there. Lol!
  6. Venom movie

    It would be a big surprise if the final product we get in Venom is a solid superhero movie. I hope it works out. I've been reading more Venom comics and it's getting me back to the roots of why I enjoyed this character so much growing up.
  7. Tomb Raider trailer

    That was a much better trailer. Still looks like it's trying too much but just recent beating the latest 2 Tomb Raider games, I'm interested I this. I'll see this regardless just being the gamer and Tomb Raider fan I am.
  8. That would be amazing. Then I would have to get a Switch, lol!
  9. Your 2017 Year In Review from Playstation

    Shouldn't be hard to find a killer price for it at this point.
  10. Even back then it had potential. Thanks!
  11. I have to get back to watching Legends. Seems that it has caught it's stride. I watched the first 3 episodes and the dialogue was so bad that I gave up.
  12. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I am ready to see a trailer for this movie now. Regardless of wanting a Han Solo movie or not, I am about ready and curious to see some live action pieces of this.
  13. Nintendo finally back in the game. Still not sold on the Switch yet personally but I am happy for the game industry as whole when Nintendo is in the race.
  14. Official General Comic News Thread

    OMG!!!!! If you are a fan of the movie Big Trouble In Little China, you HAVE TO READ THE COMIC!!!!! John Carpenter help to write the first 3 volumes and it shows. The comic just not miss a beat. The humor and the world is there. I can seriously hear each character with the respective actor's voice especially Jack (Kurt Russell). I bought the first 2 volumes on sale and I flew thru them so quickly. I am going to get volume 3. Hopefully it kind of wraps up there cause the following issues are written by other folks. Not saying they won't be able to continue Carpenter's work but I am so pleased with the first two volumes that's scary, to me, moving forward with out John's writing.