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  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming

      My god yes we have, lol!!!!!
  2. Civil War:Team Thor

    Still very funny!
  3. Fasten your seatbelts!

    Ever since 4 this series has been good. Looking forward to 8. 
  4.   You are right. I got them mixed up with Jaleco who made decent game on the NES. 
  5. I don't think this will be enough for me to come back, well at least day one anyway. 
  6. Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Love this trailer.    Not going to lie, I almost shed a tear seeing the team up at the end.    Disney is going to milk the hell out of Spidey and I am okay with that as he's the flagship Marvel character. 
  7. Wow! They used to make pretty decent games. 
  8. Official General Comic News Thread

    Nightwing #7 and #8  - This 2 parter was a very good read and I think a very excellent way to dive into a character's past and not screw things up with continuity. Raptor has ties to Nightwing's past which is deep but creative. The main thing that got me to reflect on this read especially number 8 is how Nightwing puts down Raptor at the end. This really made me think about the heroes I like that don't kill or are not vicious all the time cause when they do have to go there, it's MAJOR. Nightwing put this dude DOWN!!!!!
  9. Polygon -- Knack 2’s biggest surprise: It’s a lot of fun

    I will eventually get to it but it's nothing I NEED to play. 
  10. The Bulls KILL ME!!!! Bring the A game against the top teams and bring the F game against scrubs? WTF?   Candance Parker is looking GOOD on Inside the NBA.
  11. The store in the PS4 runs so much smoother than the garbage that was on the PS3 but it's still crap. Even when you look up stuff from the search option its still not efficient enough. 
  12.   You are correct! We were buying whole new games back in the day which costed a whole lot more for the game than now having your choice to buy the characters that you want. 
  13. Polygon -- Knack 2’s biggest surprise: It’s a lot of fun

    I still haven't played Knack.