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  1. Luke Cage trailer and Iron Fist teaser

    Jessica Jones about to get a spike in viewership cause so many folks have no idea who Luke Cage after this trailer. Everything I have seen is:   "That trailer is awesome but who is Luke Cage?"   "Watch Jessica Jones."   "Okay"
  2. Dennis Green dies at age 67

    Damn, RIP.
  3. Still not appealing to me but I am curious about the reviews on this initially and the thoughts of it about a month in.     
  4.   I know! There is a Starbucks on the Southside in Chicago I would never expect or even certain resterants that are open later on the South Side that would have never been the case when I was growing up. 
  5.   Unfortunately you can't tell many people this. As a person who grew up on the South side of Chicago living by the lake with the GDs and Vicelords across the train tracks, it gets a lot more media coverage now than it did in the 90s. Even for me it's crazy to remember that it was almost double in the mid 90s to what is currently happening. 
  6. While he was reigned in, he still put misinformation out there. 
  7.     Oh hell yeah this still plays well and looks great!
  8. What ever the PR folks and his party did, they reigned his ass in. That was a pretty decent speech and he didn't really go off the rails compared to talks in front of the public in the past. 
  9. There's no covering up this one. This is some bull. 
  10. Shipping 7.27.2016 - Week 30 Pull List

    NIGHTWING #1 $2.99 TMNT ONGOING #60 $3.99 BLACK PANTHER #4 $3.99 CAPTAIN AMERICA STEVE ROGERS #3 $3.99 CIVIL WAR II #4 (OF 7) $4.99 EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #12 AW $3.99 MIGHTY THOR #9 $3.99 Good ol' end of the month, stacked as usual!  
  11. Favorite Sony game by year: 2014. FINAL ONE OMG

  12. Favorite Sony game by year: 2014. FINAL ONE OMG

    Now this is a good list!