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  1. Return of [drumroll]......ONIMUSHA!!

      OH HELL YEAH!!!!!!!
  2.   I was just about to post this!!!!!!! I saved $80 hearing this news. I have an arcade tournament stick that I thought I was only going to be able to use on my PS3. SO GLAD!!!!!!
  3. Daniel Bryan announces retirement

    As long as I have been attending live WWE events, which only began in 2009, I can say that I have been able to have 2 genuine magic like moments:   1. My very first event was a Smackdown and being present for an Undertaker entrance is WOW 2. Being in a crowd during a Daniel Bryan yes chant during his rise in WWE, WOW!!!!! That energy was real!   DB will be missed!
  4. 2016 D1P trophy competition

    I'm playing the Wolf Among Us on the Vita and it has a relatively easy platinum......except I have to play chapter one again I missed 2 entries.......DAMN! Oh Well, I actually want to replay that scene again for different choices. So fun so far. Can;t wait to get off work and jump into chapter 2 as chapter 1;s conclusion left my jaw on the ground. 
  5. X2 is by far my favorite X-Men film and I really enjoyed DoFP but this back and forth has made me really think about what I liked better than between First Class and DoFP. I have treated both films on equal footing and may have gave the edge to DoFP due to how high the stakes were raised but I think I will land with First Class due to it just taking X-Men back to the basics as to why the team was formed in the first place. We clearly see the motivations between Charles and Erik to choose the paths they did and the world they are surrounded by. I repeat that I highly enjoyed DoFP especially the Rogue Cut but I enjoyed the exploration and focus that First Class did. 
  6. I am getting so excited for this weekend to see this!!!!!!
  7. Return of [drumroll]......ONIMUSHA!!

    Onimusha was a visual and delightful treat on PS2. On current gen tech this series would be jaw dropping gorgeous. 
  8. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    Bulls look like they have thrown in the towel for the season . This is bad!
  9. Daniel Bryan announces retirement

  10. Daniel Bryan announces retirement

    I really hope this is a work but I really and honestly think this is it for him.   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  11. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

      I came in late looking forward to watching this game. I saw that score in the second qtr and decided to fire up my PS4, lol!
  12. ~~Rate the last movie you watched~~

    Full Metal Jacket 9/10   I remember seeing this when I was a very small kid and have not seen the whole movie in almost 2 decades but I NEVER EVER forgot the boot camp part of the movie. Watching it now is still amazing and almost nerve racking probably more so now that I am older. It had been so long since I had scene this, I had no clue that Vincent D'Onofrio was in here as Pyle. Watching the 2nd half was truly like watching the film for the very first time. The scenes in the field were just intense. Decisions are tough, the conversations are harsh but they had each other's back when it counted. Then that end left me like, wow!!!!! Very good movie and of course a Kubrick classic. 9/10 only due to it being a quick ride (to me anyway).