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  1. The Rock is awesome! I hope this turns into something for the positive.
  2. The only reason people are excited for this is the idea of a new toy. Once you get through that idea, Nintendo has some major proving and reassuring to do. Definitely MUCH LATER!
  3. LATER!!!!!!! Only thing I even want to play is Zelda and I am getting that on Wii U. Nintendo has to demonstrate they have a keeper. Launch and Nintendo are two words I can no longer compute in my mind anymore.
  4. You are right here. We are getting to the point where we can't have conversation and dialogue any longer. It's getting really bad.
  5. He is definitely one human being we can be with out on the Earth.
  6. The only 2 I know are not ones I would expect to show up as soldiers in a Predator movie.
  7. Miss the testosterone of the 80s but looking forward to this.
  8. I was curious by the title but then I saw the trailers and was turned off. I'll stick to the Archie humor of the comics.
  9. That is one beautiful woman.
  10. Just started this. It was a slow start but I finished episode 4 last night and that was good. Goku Vs Beerus
  11. I always support movie with The Rock in this but this one is ................a bit worrisome. I'll still be there regardless.
  12. I agree with you on Die Hard 4.