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  1. Four Halo Games Finally Added to BC

    I'm one of those that have a stupidity large backlog so I picked up and rarely played it. Now I know it has issues. Bummer.
  2. Four Halo Games Finally Added to BC

    DAMN!!!!! I never knew about these issues. Since I have bought the game, I pop it in every once and while but never play for a long duration enough to see any of these issue. DAMN!!!!!!!! This is messed up! Shit, I may just play my old discs now seeing this. Thanks!
  3. Four Halo Games Finally Added to BC

    Is something wrong with MCC?
  4. Best 2DS for a 5-6 year old?

    I can't recommend this 2DS enough for that age. The what if factor is gone with the hinges.
  5. Defenders (marked spoilers)

    It is the one that they need to save for the main course.
  6. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    In the same boat with the backlog so you are right.
  7. What are You Playing This Weekend?

    I wouldn't hold that breath. Nintendo is quite stubborn and how often do they really port games?
  8. We've got a trailer for The Punisher...

    JJ was great! It was VERY different and much need change of pace for the super hero genre and that's coming from someone who is not bored from the superhero era we are in with entertainment.
  9. Fact. I remember being the biggest negative voice against a Terminator TV show. Man, they shut me the hell up with such a good series.
  10. Four Halo Games Finally Added to BC

    It's kind of disappointing know that MS did this cause I own them but never thought that would be released BC someday. I could have put that Halo collection money on another game.
  11. Four Halo Games Finally Added to BC

    People hated on it but I enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm not so stuck in what should be in the Halo world that I can't appreciate what fun it was at that time.
  12. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    If I had a girlfriend or significant other, she would have been pissed at me yesterday, LOL!!!! I had no business being on this game as long as I did on a weekday, lol! I didn't play 2K17 but I played the hell out of 2k16 and loved that. It was an adjustment period going from my once overall 91 player from 2k16 to being a 60 overall scrub. The grind is real. This is the first time I have started my career at the very beginning of the release of the game so I haven't earned any VC thru playing other modes or earning VC thru the app which is very easy ONCE THE NBA SEASON STARTS! I almost debated shelving the game until the season and then that's when the fun started. It's tough playing at the 60 but the game isn't harshly punishing to a player if you are playing with good basketball IQ. I think anybody that doesn't play with a high basketball IQ will be severely punished in this game. I'm only a overall 64 but I had so much fun. I am on the Bulls and we are 1 or 2 games over .500, which is probably better than the Bulls will be for real, lol. I wanted to play with the game in the regular play now mode but couldn't tear myself off of my career. I'm a 2 way small forward as I am still the biggest fan of Scottie Pippen my all time fav NBA player. Likes - OMG!!!!! If you have ever played basketball for real and and have to switch off on defenders, you know that can make or break a play. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE that the AI will now switch defenders on pick and rolls or other instances when times call for it. IMPRESSED!!!!!! - I saw reviews that said the AI will tend to leave players more open if they have a suspect shot. IT REALLY DOES!!!!!!! - I appreciate that the game doesn't make your overall 60 that bad. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to get my guy up in his rating but I can drive on people, dunk on people, start fast breaks, defend folks, and the game recognizes the effort. I still remember when My player was introduced the first time in 2k and it was brutally punishing if you absolutely did not do anything 100% correct. Thank goodness 2k has moved forward since. - The neighborhood. WOW! I thought I would hate it but I like it. My son will probably never play a damn lick of the actual basketball since he can navigate the world like that. - The All time and class teams!!!!! LOVE IT!!! It's amazing how old I am when I can remember watching some of these teams like it was yesterday. Truth be told I was in heaven when I saw the Denver team that had Melo and Iverson on it. That was my SQUAD on NBA2k7. - The animations!!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! I missed a shot and Bobby Portis (of the Bulls) grabs the offensive rebound one handed and thru it back in the basket for the score all in the air. This was not a dunk but a one hand grab and put back layup and it LOOKED SO SMOOTH!!!!!! Things that I did not like or things that need help: - I wish the neighborhood had a fast travel menu. That's going to get old really quick walking to everything. - The VC grind. Damn 2k. I know I'm not saying anything that other people haven't heard before but damn starting my career day one with little to no VC sucks. It's all too easy to spend that $2 or $5 but I am resisting the urge bump up. I see all these people in the 80s then I remembered that 2k was selling those other editions with VC. Why the hell......that's another soap box. - Some of the mini games in the fitness center are broken in my opinion. I get that 2k has to make people grind it out to earn their badges but some of those mini games shouldn't be so tough to do and I think it's more or less the games themselves are broken. - I really haven't played online much on any sports game but is it always has difficult to get a pick up game going? Hell, just give a search feature like a fighting game instead of standing on the court like a doofus and nobody wants to play. - The shooting mechanic. I don't know if it's just me or is it off? Even playing the 2KU game with the Warriors, I can't figure out the timing. I hope that comes to me with more time on the game. I think it may be the game because I was fooling around in the practice gym of my career and accidentally shot with the stick and I was able to get green EASILY with the stick. That's not right as it should be the same with the button but I feel that players are being penalized for using the button to shoot. - Shaq's commentary on the pre game show can be too goofy at times. It's annoying. The things I named are things that are not game breaking (so far). I really enjoy it so far and glad I picked it up. I'll be really happy when I can earn more VC.
  13. Who pre-ordered NBA 2K18?

    OMG! I played the hell out of this game yesterday when I probably should have been doing other things but it's a testament to how good the my career continues to be. I'll give more impressions soon but I'm glad I picked it up.