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  1. I agree, this is WBs fault. You are right @Wild when BvS wasn't received well, it did send them back pedaling on this and Suicide Squad as well. BvS was crap and nobody should have been happy with that work being released to the public as it was.
  2. Damn! I was going to say can't he just Skype in but I don't know if I guy that just had BRAIN SURGERY should even be up to voting in any capacity for his sheer health.
  3. I'm pretty sure that the Snyder family issue had some sort of contribution to this but I agree with you in that if they were truly invested in the DCEU, they would make the time.
  4. Happy for Nolan. He seems to be the one man that can do original stuff in current Hollywood.
  5. Yes......hell YES!!!!!
  6. This is freaking hilarious! Paramount seriously with the huge middle fingers. I hope Wheaton can really put his spin on things with these reshoots. He's the saving grace for this film.
  7. A few nice things on there. If I had a PSVR, I'd be buying up a lot of stuff today.
  9. I really don't need Marvel to release that Infinite War trailer as the bootleg version running around suffices BUT I wouldn't mind Marvel releasing it for everybody so that I and we can analyze the hell out of it.
  10. I wanted to see it in IMAX but I got my times screwed up and wasn't willing to catch a later time. You are right about Nolan and IMAX usage. I still remember seeing The Dark Knight in IMAX and holy moley that was amazing.
  11. LMAOOO!!!!! Watching Talking Smack and KO said throwing that AJ into the ref was him being a spectacular athlete, lol! Okay PPV. Not great but I was entertained.
  12. GTFO!!!!! The Great Khali?!?!?!?! And they actually made him something as an exciting moment, lol! Hopefully he just sticks around as Jinder's bodyguard and nothing more.
  13. As much as this prison match has been better than I thought it really would be, I'd be mad if I was at that event live cause you wouldn't be able to see anything especially seeing as they were at one part of the match the most of the time.
  14. The Singh brothers are just there to be crash dummies in these PPVs, lol!