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  1. I will hold off for a rental or Netflix showing. I trust most of the opinions here and it's messed up that that this got messed up. I honestly was looking forward to the additional story as Paul Dini never gave me a reason to think otherwise that he wouldn't deliver. I knew the addition material would give us some Batgirl and more into Barbara's life. The Killing Joke is such a short read so I got on board for the idea of expanding the animation. While I never cared for the Bruce and Babs romance in the series (which came later on in season 4 of BTAMS and Batman Beyond), that was never cannon to me and it was so not a heavy focus that I never thought too hard into it. I would like to know Dini's reasoning or proof that they ever had a romantic curiosity in the comics or the Adam West show. I never ever saw it unless I was just that damn naive being a young kid but even when I started reading comics, Babs and Dick always had the attraction to each other. I was probably more mad at the Arkham Knight game for ............   Spoiler ahead if people have not played this game still   I really hope that sex scene is being over blown and I can look past it like I did the romantic suggestions of the old cartoons but this should have had ZERO ties to TAMS outside of the voice work. Disappointing.   
  2. Wonder Woman: official Comic-Con trailer

  3. Justice League: official Comic-Con trailer

      THIS THIS THIS!!!!!! Batman should be the most reluctant to this team concept. I get that movie Batman is the one that see's the need for metahumans to team up but for it to it to be Batman just goes against his character but that seems to be the constant in the Snyder Verse.   Trailer didn't look bad. I actually enjoyed it but outside of Batman outing himself, it wasn't bad.  I want to say I am enthused but BvS seriously has ruined any enthusiasm for the Justice League movie. Now that Wonder Woman trailer........    
  4.   Not really. But I got the gist of it from some of the recent posts.    (Life is happening, ugh. Tune into the reading board and you will see, if you wish to. Y'know D1P is the mental getaway for me right now).
  5. Flooded apartment, comics ruined, need opinions

      Don't wait. I'm glad I had it. renter's is the one that I have heard too many stories of people using it.    I will keep you all in the loop. 
  6. Yeah, I thought I saw this in the store before. They are just trying to give it some pub now.    Streets of Rage 1, 2, and 3 might do it for me though. 
  7. I own these on the 360 and loved them. I'd probably bite if I did not play the hell out of the first one so much. I much have bought that on PS2, PSP, and the 360. I am not dipping in there again. 
  8. It's the DRAFT!

      Aw hell. I learned something new then!
  9. NES Xbox 360 PS2 Gameboy
  10. Deals With Gold - Week of 7/26

    Another KI character for a $1.    WOW!!!!!
  11. Flooded apartment, comics ruined, need opinions

    Ugh, the discovering of what got destroyed continues.Just terrible. Even a few things that were bagged managed to have water seep in. Ugh. 
  12. Flooded apartment, comics ruined, need opinions

    Thanks guys!   I was pretty much probably going to just go for the key issues that had some serious value whether financially or intrinsically. $5,000 sure won't cover it all but luckily I bagged a few key ones over the years.    On another note my brother gave a me a few of he key issues to collect which I kept separate from my collection but his Vengeance of Bane got soaked but due to the person is bagged it bagging it upside down. I was worried that his Batman 232 (1st Ra's Al Ghul might have gotten ruined as well but that was double secured. He bought that for $350 at the time.    With that being said, I'll be bagging more of my books from here on out. 
  13. Post your OLDEST game

    Pac Man on Atari 2600 was the first video game I played.    The oldest game I currently own is....     I probably have something older at my mom's lace but this game is the one that is currently in my possession. 
  14. People are just lazy now today. Too reliant on technology. I am guilty of this and have taken the time to do much more proofreading of stuff I text/post/email.