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  1. What are good ways to make a game very hard?

    Xbob42 really nailed it!    Especially     Every death should feel like the player's fault, to keep them from getting frustrated with the game.  "I wasn't careful enough" "I mistimed that attack" "I tried to rush through that, I'm impatient" is vastly preferable to "That enemy just ignored my attack" "That was an invisible pit, I could never have avoided that" "I got one-shot from a projectile that I couldn't possibly see or hear, no warning"   This is how I felt playing Ninja Gaiden on Xbox. Game was tough as hell but once I learned to play it, I always felt that the deaths were my fault for not being patient or careful enough. 
  2. This was hilarious and I always love dude' Batman voice, lol!   But yes, these were the questions I had during the movie as well. 
  3. Any Pinball fans on the board?

      They just released a set. I believe Alien, Aliens., and Alien Vs Predator.
  4. Official General Comic News Thread

    Punisher #1 - For the record, this is the 10th Punisher #1, lol! Anyway. It was a passable read but not enough for me to come back for a nest issue. The story is building on something but it did not leave a thread for me to want to come back to. Dillion's art.....his faces and there just seems to be as little detail on things. Okay read but not enough to come back to on a regular basis.  
  5. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

    Can the Hawks just throw in the towels now? The Cavs beating on the Hawks like how Batman got pummeled by Bane on Dark Knight Rises.    Damn the Hawks are wack! No relevancy since Dominique Wilkins. 
  6. The Pacers fired Frank Vogel

  7. Batman has tender moments but they are so rare with him it like a damn near shock at times cause Batman is all about the big picture. @apoc81 said it right, Batman may have talked for about 30 seconds assessing the situation if he could talk her down and if that wasn't working, he'd a got her down regardless if she wanted to her not, lol! But that lies the difference between Superman and Batman. They save lives but their methods are different. Again, the movie did not show that when you have Superman going Mortal Kombat Raiden on that dude in Africa, lol! Hell the dude threatened Batman. Damn right Batman was gonna make him bleed after ruining his car, lol!
  8. I try not to buy McDonald's as I once did but I love their fries. I'd be curious to try these. 
  9. Uncharted 4 Ending Will Be Divisive, Says Naughty Dog

      Yeah....well put. They way Drake mows thru enemies is very contradiction to the character and even in points in the games, if I am, recalling correctly, his violence is called into question. I still enjoy the games but the game play and humor. I just want the popcorn action movie experience. Just make me happy.
  10. Damn! Holy $h!+! I just read those panels about the suicide girl. That's Superman. That to me captured everything that Superman is. The being with great Godly power but just wants people to be comfortable. The tenderness and care to stay the whole time and to put the lights out for her. That right there is what I think about when I think the hero. That is the Superman I envision.    We have not seen that depiction of Superman with Snyder.    (Sad to admit I have that "Grounded" storyline sitting in a huge pile of my read physical comics. That piece will have me find them and start reading them tonight.)
  11. I hope that WB REALLY REALLY allows Johns creative input to be allowed and used. Between Green Lantern and BvS, one can tell that they pushed his thoughts to the side cause Johns is a fantastic writer. 
  12. NBA 2015-16 Regular Season Discussion

      For real! He needs to be rust free for the Spurs. 
  13. Shipping 5.4.2016 - Week 18 Pull List *Civil War*

    Dillon tends to get work with serious and mature themed books which I think his style is does not compliment the writer's story. Just my opinion. He's done work with Punisher and Wolverine during great storylines where I had to stay locked in. Depending on this first issue, I may just have to regulate this to reading thru Marvel Unlimited if the story is not doing it.