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  1. Its Amazing How Much Fun DotA 2 Is

    Huge fan of Dota2. I love that game. Not good at it at all , but I still have fun. I love Dota 2 and Smite.
  2. I played Uncharted 1,2 and 3 in a eight day spans, Back to back to back. It was great. Also did it with the Arc the Lad Collection and the Lunar Collection .
  3. PC rebooting while playing games

    I had the same problem with 8GB Corshair RAM. Once I took out two of the sticks. My PC stop rebooting. In your case take out one of the sticks . If the system is stable with one of the two, then that would suggest a load issue on the system side. I would suggest you to try setting the memory frequency to DDR3 1333. There will be a lot more stresses on the memory controller on the system when all memory slots are filled; to compensate for these stresses, memory controller will need to run those modules at a slower speed.
  4. It really is a fun game. I have played on some crazy levels.
  5. I need to check that game out. I have a vita too
  6. The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Chrono Trigger Goldeneye 64 World of Warcraft Halo
  7. i am still in training mode. Not that good yet. LOL
  8. The Race Returns - 08/08/12

    WHAT THE HELL? Screw that , I will stick to the Dirt series from them.
  9. The Race Returns - 08/08/12

    I still feel that Codemasters has the best racing engine in the world. Can not wait for this game.
  10. Persona 4 Arena review thread

    Cool thanks for the info. I will be ordering it now.
  11. If Paul can't do it. Scott is a perfect replacement.
  12. I think most of the games should be on the list. I would have just replaced Final Fantasy with Square. Because Square itself is not the name it use to be. In the 90's when you heard Square , it meant instant buy no questions asked.
  13. This game just keeps getting better and better.