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Canada using DNA services to find ppl to deport

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I was a little confused at first because DNA testing wouldn’t tell you the nationality of a person, but they really are just using it to turn up familial connections that they can contact for questioning.

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Franklin Godwin, one of Bharati’s clients, who was accepted as a refugee from Liberia and granted permanent resident status in 1996, was charged two years later with importing and conspiring to import heroin and sentenced to seven years in jail. Because of the seriousness of his criminal convictions, Godwin’s permanent residence status was taken away and the government ordered him deported back to Liberia.


Godwin has never seen the results of the first test, and neither has Bharati. He points out that Godwin was facing indefinite detention in a maximum security prison and was willing to do anything to get himself out, including providing his DNA.

So they plan on imprisoning him until they figure out where to deport him? 

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