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Horror Noire: A History Of Black Horror

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Looks awesome.  I had Shudder for a bit and it was great.  The coolest thing about it is that they are always streaming something sort of like a cable channel, so you boot up the service and something is going in the background that you can get sucked into.  I don't understand why all streaming services haven't done this, as I found it helped me avoid the endless menu browsing and decision paralysis that makes up most of my time on Netflix and Prime.

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A little bit unrelated but I actually had the pleasure of meeting Ken Foree once at a convention a friend dragged me to. He was really funny in that he kind of talked to me like a motivational speaker because, as it turns out like a minute into the conversation, he thought I was an aspiring actor. I stopped him and asked why he thought that and he paused for a second, cracked up and said 'I have no idea brother'. We chatted for a short big longer laughing about his bizarre assumption and I left as to not overstay my welcome.



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