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Call of Duty Black Ops "Reboot" info allegedly leaked: Cold War/Vietnam setting including playing as the Viet Cong

Commissar SFLUFAN

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- Playtesters are enjoying the game but in terms of stuff like graphics, it's not finished yet.

- Set during the Cold War and Vietnam War. Spans the entire 40 year history. Described as more gritty and gruesome than MW.

- The campaign is going to be focused on real life events of the Vietnam war and Cold War. There's going to be alot of shock factor.

- Will be on the new engine that Infinity Ward Poland made.

- The campaign will be a retelling of the Vietnam story with multiple perspectives from the US, South Vietnam and The Vietcong.

- Alex Mason and Sgt Frank Woods are returning with new actors.

- Black Ops or Black Operations are the most likely titles for it.



- Large player count modes are returning. 32v32 is returning. Ground War is also back.

- Most of the maps are going to be the classic 3 lane style.

- Health regeneration isn't auto. You have to use a stim shot to regenerate health. This could change though.

- Killstreaks are back. A Dog could be one.

- Operators are returning.

- DLC will be free again like with MW.



- Perks, Pack a Punch are still in Zombies.

- There will be different ways to play the mode.

- TGR has heard that Tranzit will be a on disc map but this isn't from his number 1 source so take it with a grain of salt.

- He has heard that there will be an Aether reboot. Which makes sense as the ending of Black Ops 4 zombies set this up.

- The Chaos story is not returning. There will be a new story.

- TGR has heard that this year's zombies mode will be a little more grounded and realistic without all of the fantasy stuff from previous Black Ops games.

- There's talks about doing a Zombie Season Pass.

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Not needed. MW is still going strong. As much as I like the Vietnam era simply because it's not used as much in games, so it's a bit novel, there doesn't need to be a new CoD this year when MW is doing so well. Activision should just port a next gen version of MW for this year if anything. Plus not really fair to have only given Treyarch 2 years since their last game, when the development cycle has been three for each team for the past several years. I do not want them to go back to only 2 years, especially if it means the Modern Warfare sequel doesn't get the proper amount of development time it needs with three years.

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