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Hunters - Al Pacino hunts Nazis on Amazon Prime

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Set in 1977, Hunters presents us with a world where a number of Nazis have been hiding in the US, working their way into positions of power for some evil purpose, and the eclectic group that is hunting them. The cast is lead by noted Jewish actor Al Pacino, but features a number of memorable faces, if not necessarily big names. The show itself brings a very Tarantino-esque vibe, complete with over the top violence, revisionist history, and needle drops. Unlike Tarantino, I haven't found that Hunters navigates it's wildly shifting tone very well. It can go from oddly exuberant, fourth wall breaking sequences to somber holocaust remembrances multiple times in the span of minutes.


I've been enjoying it enough to keep with it through three episodes, but I can't say it's my favorite thing on TV right now.


Anyone else watching Hunters?

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