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West of Dead OT - Purgatory, Wyoming, update - first reviews from OpenCritic posted


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Game Information

Game Title: West of Dead


  • PC (Jun 18, 2020)
  • PlayStation 4 (Jun 18, 2020)
  • Xbox One (Jun 18, 2020)
  • Nintendo Switch (Jun 18, 2020)

Developer: Upstream Arcade

Publisher: Raw Fury

Review Aggregator

OpenCritic - 76 average - 56% recommended

Critic Reviews

TechRaptor - 9 / 10

Thanks to a moody atmosphere and precise mechanics, West of Dead perfectly wraps the tense feeling of cover shooting around a solid roguelike core.

PC Gamer - 83 / 100

A fine balancing act of challenge and intrigue, with stabiliser wheels courtesy of Ron Perlman's voice.

33bits - Spanish - 80 / 100

West of Dead offers a spectacular roguelike fused with isometric twin stick shooter with a pretty good and addictive gunplay that will make us play again and again. It has some graphic flaws that need to be polished, as well as a dubious system of dialogues that become boring, but that does not prevent us from enjoying its good intentions.

Bazimag - Persian - 8 / 10

West of Dead is a nice combination of roguelike ideas and twin stick shooter genre inside a weird west tale with some nice visuals narrated by the always great Ron Perlman.

Critical Hit - 8 / 10

West of Dead isn't going to win any originality contests, but it knows how to draw with the best of them and it's quick enough to hit you with six rounds of stylistic fun. Beneath the obvious comparisons, there's a game that plays out like a passionate high noon homage to the best of film, games and comic books.

TheSixthAxis - 8 / 10

West of Dead shakes up the roguelite formula with its fantastic cover system, but it's more than that. With the addition of Ron Pearlman voicing William Mason, a stylistic cel-shaded art style and a captivating story to uncover, West of Dead is a winning combination that will have you as happy as a pup with two tails.

Destructoid - 6 / 10

If you pumped hours upon hours into Enter the Gungeon then chances are you'll find a similar grab in West of Dead, but be fair warned that there isn't as much polish here. If it helps, it is launching day one on Xbox Game Pass so if you have that you can try it as soon as it launches.

GameWatcher - 6 / 10

A run-of-the-mill procedural twin-stick roguelike that has a unique aesthetic and premise, but little else. Without more content, more variety, and more exciting unlockables, West of Dead is dead in the water. Or will remain in gaming purgatory.  Either way, I have very little faith in West of Dead's future.

cublikefoot - No

Although the core gameplay is solid, the lack of variety and numerous technical issues really bring down the experience. From the many design flaws to the actual bugs, there are quite a few issues plaguing an otherwise decent game. Perhaps this will be a game that I may recommend in the future, but as it stands, I cannot in good faith do so.


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