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Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford leaving Legends of Tomorrow this season...


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31 minutes ago, Kal-El814 said:

That’s a bummer. Other than their romance I don’t think Atom had a ton to do last season? I remember him being pretty sidelined.


It seems like they've been reducing the use of powers in general. It's presumably a budget issue of saving on special effects costs, all of these Arrowverse shows are fairly low-budget and I think Legends has the smallest budget of the bunch. Same reason they kept contriving situations to keep Firestorm split apart. 


But Ray is basically the glue of the crew and they JUST set up Nora as starting to be a Legend so it's super lame. For the latter, they did do the same thing with Wally, but in that case it was because of the opposite situation—they wanted Wally to be a main character in the following season but the actor decided he was done with the Arrowverse for a while. Which sucks but makes sense, unlike booting the actor when they want to stay. 

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14 minutes ago, IdeaOfEvil said:

It would be nice if they were doing it so Brandon could then take the lead in a Kingdom Come live action series... but I don't think the DC tv department are that ambitious, lol


Even if they were, they already have a live action Superman cast on Supergirl, so it'd be weird to start fracturing their DC universe again immediately after doing Crisis. 

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