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Trudeau vows Canada will use oil revenue to plan 2 billion trees (to combat climate change)

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Trudeau vows to use Trans Mountain pipeline revenue to plant 2 billion trees, create 3,000 jobs doing it.


Backstory: The previous Conservative government legally bound Canada into building the Trans Mountain pipeline, a corridor for getting Alberta oil to the Pacific Ocean more efficiently (currently most Albert oil goes to the US for refinement). If Canada did not build the pipeline, China could sue Canada for lost oil profits, which would have been astronomical. Instead of having a private company build and operate it, the Trudeau government bought the pipeline, and will operate it (likely) in conjuction with Indigenous part-owners. As part of the 2019 election campaign, he has now vowed to put profits from the pipeline towards planting 2 billion trees. The UN calculates that planting 500 billion trees would (over 10-15 years) eliminate 2/3 of the carbon released by humans since the industrial revolution.


Not a silver bullet solution, but if Canada is legally-bound to build the pipeline, then this is probably a much better use of the profits than it all going to a private consortium.

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18 minutes ago, SilentWorld said:

Is such a thing even possible?


It looks like a good tree planter (by hand) can do 1,000/day. Let's say 500 since it's a government job. If half of the 3,000 jobs are people actually planting, then that's 750,000 trees per day, so it would take about 2,666 days, or about 7 years. If you use optimal numbers (more planters, a bit faster), it would take around 3 years once the process is started.


So quite do-able.

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