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Enjoy the New Psychedelic Sounds of Opeth, In Cauda Venenum, Out Today! [9/27]


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I could see this album being disappointing if you were used to what they sounded like 11 years ago. That being said what they're trying to accomplish here sounds pretty good even if it's not "the old stuff"


Also if you get the album it comes with two versions, English and Swedish, which is nice I suppose but the language doesn't really change the sound of the music.




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2 hours ago, Jason said:


The part I particularly don't get is that Damnation is proof that they know how to make a non-metal album without pissing off their core fans.


I think that it was because it went hand in hand with Deliverance. They were simultaneous releases if I remember correctly. But they definitely were recorded at the same time. Even though there are no distorted guitars nor growls it definitely feels "metal" still. All the dark imagery and lyrics help. The new stuff is just 70s prog with the lights off. Which, okay, I like a lot of that. But literally no band on Earth sounded like Opeth when they were doing death metal. It was truly unique and you can't say that about a lot of things.


But I actually think this album is good. First listen I'm giving it a 6/10. But I want to return to it and see if I like it more. Couldn't say that about Pale Communion nor Heritage.

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16 minutes ago, GeneticBlueprint said:


But they were recorded at the same time.


Also a "couple of months apart" in the music world might as well be seconds. :P


Yeah well you still had to wait! And they released the heavy one first (Deliverance) so waiting for Damnation probably wasn't all that tough. Actually I don't really remember since it was so long ago but I do remember great anticipation! :p

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