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Please help me choose a new chair before mine collapses on me!

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My chair is about to really fall apart and i need a new one fast. I'm tired of researching and debating, starting to get a headache. I have around $100 i want to spend on one now and i've narrowed it down to 4 but i want to hear from you guys, any recommendations would be really helpful, I'm having a hard time making up my mind. I don't give a damn how they look, all i care about is having a chair that is comfortable for long amounts of time.


This one seems like its new, no reviews, but the seat looks so comfortable as does the back cushion. It's also made with mesh fabric under that fake leather so it shouldn't get as hot as a normal leather chair. It also has adjustable lumbar support:



I always wanted to have an ergonomic mesh and this one looks very comfy. Only downside i can see is no head rest but that's not a deal killer for me. I'm not sure how a chair like this would hold up or i would hold up to it after 8 hour a day sessions at times:



This one, I probably would have bought already, but it's a little more than i want to spend and idk if it's really worth it:



Last there's this one that just looks so damn comfy. I'm only 5'7 and it looks like it might fit me great. Would get hot but might not be too bad:



These are in order of how likely i am to get them, but if any of yall want to suggest a different one i would appreciate that as well. Any suggestions or thoughts please??

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54 minutes ago, SimpleG said:

Never thought about that, definitely something to keep in mind. I need something a little more luxurious than the chair you posted though. 


I've always rocked leather executive office chairs and I've been wanting to get an ergonomic chair for a very long ass time. I thought they wouldn't be ideal for very long sessions though. Maybe I should just look into those and not even bother with those "typical" style office chairs


Normally i wouldn't put such a budget on something so important, but my chair is on it's last leg, and I don't want to have to break out a damn wooden dining chair for my work and gaming sessions

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thanks guys.


I got back from office depot a little while ago. Sat in 6 different chairs. 3 things i definitely need. Mesh back, nice armrests and a headrest. The adjustable arms are a nice feature but not make or break. Most i can spend right now is about $130 unless i wait another month. Don't know if my chair will hold up that long.

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