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  1. We should play sometime There's some really impressive mods on nexus that you will enjoy.
  2. i'm totally speechless right now you weren't lying about the bass.... I can feel the drummer kick that bass drum. And Danny Carry beating on those tom toms is just orgasmic. Sounds like I'm inside of a live show. It's crazy picking out which instrument to pay attention to there's so much fucking detail holy fucking shit........
  3. 36 and I agree with what slug said about aging. 20 year olds seem like kids most them atleast. I've always hung around people older than me, still do, but I look like im in my 20s still so i do make a lot of younger friends too
  4. Damn, this fucking steam controller is really neat. I only bought it to surf the web from my couch and stuff. Sad to see it go. Do any of yall get use to actually typing on it good enough to not need to go to your keyboard for more than a sentence?
  5. Ya, i've been eying the 2000DBs for several months and almost bought them a couple times. Then I saw the 350s today for $100 off and now im not as sure. I'm not a bass head at all, but I do listen to a lot of bass heavy music like alternative gothic acid trance. Also the bass would add a lot more immersion in games. All the reviews I can find say nothing but both of these sets are badass. Tough decision for sure! Oh and as for the sub going out, same can be said for the 2.0s since the amp is inside the right speaker. As I typed that, my 1st ever steam controller just arrived at my door
  6. 2.0 5 inch drivers no sub option 2.1 smaller drivers with sub i'm kinda leaning towards the 350s, what do yall think?????
  7. GTA 5 has a very good possibility of being my all-time favorite game. I enjoyed the story and missions a lot, and the huge open world and amount of detail in everything while being able to play the game in so many different ways is just plain more fun than any other game I can think of. Toss in free to play online which is even better than the story mode, that Rockstar is still constantly updating and adding new content to at no cost, is a fucking triumph and very addicting. I can play this game for hours everyday for several years and still have a blast not running out of things to do. There's no other game I can say that about.
  8. You are absolutely right. FEAR 2 was a good game. Not sure what I was thinking. FEAR 3 was a huge letdown
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