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  1. Very well put, i appreciate it! Im planning on upgrading around the time cyberpunk comes out. I will most likely go with an rtx 3070 with the new Ryzen cpu and fastest bang for buck RAM. I hope my EVGA 650w bronze psu will suffice, if not that won't bee too big of an issue.
  2. I know it's a Benzo but just wanted to share that I've been taking doctor prescribed Clonazepam(Klonopin) 2mg for about 12 years. Without it I'm a paranoid fuck who cant relax and my mind is just fearful of being around people, and i'm prone to severe panic attacks. I take it in the morning and after it kicks in slowly for around 45 minutes to an hour i'm relaxed and not fearful of every fucking thing around me. I can relax and function. When i was 1st prescribed the drug it was after i had lost my job and did nothing but lay in bed all day afraid to do shit. Since i've been taking it, I became a very successful waiter at a restaurant..... ya. Now i'm a manager at a restaurant. I know what you mean about having to depend on the shit. But which life in my scenario would you choose?
  3. Would be optimal to to use an NVME PCIe4.0 SSD for my games and use my current SSD for everything else?
  4. cool cool glad to see this is a very common problem. I was able to put my info in for direct deposit and the site said i was approved, but i didn't see a date for when the funds would be sent.
  5. my budget is around 1k. I need a new mobo, ram, gpu and cpu. whats the best bang for buck with that price range, ive been out of the loop
  6. path of exile and doom 2016. Still waiting to get eternal for around ~$40 and i want the deluxe edition or whatever its called\ i would be playing borderlands 3 but working 60 hours a week right no so im going to wait until my job goes back to like 40 with a 2 days off per week
  7. damn i was finally going to upgrade my i5-4570 rig as soon as the rtx 3000 series comes out
  8. well, my daughter drew me a picture which was nice
  9. hell ya. Man i think the first gt is the game that put the nail in the coffin for me being a hardcore gamer. That was some life-changing shit for me. GT3 is my favorite of the series. Those graphics and 60fps way then was and it had a wonderful and enormous career mode
  10. Hey, take it easy man when I think Gran Turismo I think of grinding through a career mode collecting and customizing awesome cars spending countless hours lost in pure bliss. If GT Sport had a well-made deep career mode, it would have been one of my favorite games of all time.
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