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  1. im giving up. i got the 3080 FE from BB in my cart last friday. I immediately clicked checkout, and my cart was empty. Fuck it all
  2. Jeez $850 including tax/no shipping looking back at this now...
  3. Today is my birthday, if anyone wants to sell me a 3080 I'll pay above retail
  4. I'll pay $150 over msrp for a 3080/70. The more i read about this gpu catastrophe, the more i realize it's not going to end anytime soon. I'm on cue for all the evga 3060TIs, 3070s, and 3080s. There's people who've been on them cue's for way way longer than me who haven't got shit. And with the scalpers all over the internet, it's impossible to get one. I have no microcenter or bestbuy near me.
  5. no, im fucked. i didnt even join the Que until a month ago. Fuck the 3060, i wouldnt pay more than $400 at most for that
  6. lol damn u creep how u know that? I only ever used that name for my old xbox account
  7. Game should never have been released for ps4/Xbone. They should have emphasized more that this is a true next-gen game, and not to expect the full experience on current gen.
  8. I live in the US, but when and how did you get a 3080 for 890 you lucky bastad? btw; i woke up this morning and just couldn't justify spending 850 on a gpu as much as i want it. I think i would have bitten for 750. I'm gonna try my hardest to atleast get on the evga cue on the 25th to get a 3060 for msrp. Maybe then I'll atleast know I will get my upgrade within a few months hopefully.
  9. shit i love u sflufan. This is money i do have to spend. I'm just contemplating 850 on a gpu. That is a lot for a mid-range card! There are many games that i can't enjoy because of my 1060 though. I am a full-blown graphics whore too. I could save this money and wwhhaaiitt for a decent price on a gpu, but that might take forever. If i don't, I will spend the money on tattoos. I know it sounds crazy, but $850 seems like the best bang for buck for what I'll get looking into the future as I understand this fucking drought is not gonna lighten up anytime soon, and i hope this may be an
  10. You only live once. I got a local seller giving it up for $850 flat, no shipping, no tax. Thats a damn good price. If not PLEASE find better or tell me why I shouldn't. upgrading a 1060
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