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Battlefield V: DICE discusses lessons learned from closed alpha, open beta slated for early September

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It's going to be another fast-paced explosive shitshow again isn't it. They're trying to make being in a squad actually mean something again but how the game plays just caters to playing Rambo. I'd like to wrong about BFV but I'm not holding my breath. 


Fortunately there's large scale squad based games like Rising Storm 2, Squad, and Post Scriptum is out this month. 

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I played a ton of BF1 on PC. I stopped playing just before the first expansion was released. I picked it up again for my X1X on a sale for $15 w/ all DLC and have been playing nonstop. They made some amazing changes to the game and added absolute ton of maps, which are extremely fun. The game feels way more balanced now and I find myself switching between all 4 classes regularly. 


Im really excited for BFV. 

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