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  1. I played some classic Wow. Up to level 16 now and I think I'm just about done. Got my Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine fill, but questing in the Barrens isn't very fun. I'll maybe do WC and see how I feel after that.
  2. I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your underwear
  3. Makes me very worried about what Titanfall 3 is going to be. I just don't understand why devs think it's a good idea to sign a deal with publishers that are so fucking greedy and have a track record of ruining devs because they haven't made impossible amounts of money.
  4. I would like to mod to stop Mr X from wandering around, like the mod for Alien Isolation that removes the alien. I appreciate what they're doing but at this point it's just annoying me when I have to take a detour around the entire station just to get back to what I was doing.
  5. Second this as I don't think I'll be playing again after my sub expires next month. I am enjoying the game after not liking the beta, but I can't help but feel disappointed all the time. The maps are way too small, there's no rhyme or reason to any squad's actions, everyone just runs around from point to point like a headless penis, there's no push or pull to make it feel like an actual battle or give you that satisfaction when you take a point. The movement is too fast as well, I play as a sniper primarily and watching players move around so fast and erratically gets quite frustrating. I suppose I'm just disappointed at seeing how far the series is removed from BF2, but at least Squad and Post Scriptum exist.
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