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  1. Started playing GTA IV for the first time in 6 years, and it's holding my attention so much more than any recent open world game. I thought it was good at the time but my opinion of it has shot right up, this might be my favourite GTA now.
  2. This Sonic one. I remember being extremely happy that I could skip the water level forever.
  3. I hope they give the combat a good overhaul. I was just about done with it near the end of Arkham City.
  4. Been enjoying this a lot more than I expected. As someone who played the hell out of red/yellow/gold but fell off X pretty quickly because of how boring the combat was, Temtems battles actually require me to use strategy. Beat the first gym boss last night and felt accomplished doing if.
  5. Nope. After looking at the application process I decided to go with Interac instead.
  6. One of the first pc games I played, ended up addicted to CS so never really tried out the multiplayer. Loved the soundtrack.
  7. Finishing my 3rd year teaching English in Japan. Money isn't great but I'm a lot happier here than I was at home, and I can't ever see myself leaving tbh. Switching to teach high school this year, so after a couple of years experience doing that I should be able to find a decent private high school to work at for actual money.
  8. I only played Sekiro and the demo for Neo Cab. These lists can get to fuck, not having RE2 there is a joke.
  9. Pricisely, they couldn't even make a fucking racing game without making it open world and filling it with radio towers to capture.
  10. Can't wait, I remember the story not grabbing me like City did, but I thought the combat and boss fights were a lot more fun. Hopefully they've been working on this for the whole 5 years and we get a well polished game.
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