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  1. The campaign mode was great in Red Orchestra 2 and really made it feel like a war. Looking forward to checking this one out.
  2. projectmayhem

    General Gaming Assassin's Creed Odyssey has gone gold

    Syndicate is the only good AC game.
  3. FF8 is the best one. Also that mobile port of 9 on Steam is very good.
  4. Impressed with how P2W the game became?
  5. projectmayhem

    General Gaming Battlefield V Open Beta - Get in here!

    Played a bit last night and found it pretty boring to be honest, it just made me want to play Rising Storm 2. I'll give it another go tonight but I don't expect my opinion to change.
  6. RPS hasn't used review scores for a long time.
  7. Another game I would love rammed up my ass hole
  8. projectmayhem

    General Gaming Streets of Rage 4 announced

    I just can't get on bored with that art style
  9. projectmayhem

    PC Tech Time For An Upgrade

    I'm going to start buying parts for a new pc soon. I'm only going to be using a 1080p monitor so I'm not really interested in all the new stuff. Would a 1070ti suffice or is it worth trying to get a good deal on a 1080ti? Edit: just saw the answer to this exact question in another thread.
  10. projectmayhem

    PC How are the GW2 expansions?

    I'm using a Steam Machine that's not very powerful, but I managed to get it too run 50-60fps in the vanilla areas (cities and big towns excluded), but in PoF it struggles to stay about 40.
  11. projectmayhem

    PC How are the GW2 expansions?

    I bought them recently. Not big on Heart of Thorns, but you can actually just go ahead and skip to the latest expansion. I actually had people in chat telling me to at least get the first mount there before coming back to HoT. I like the desert areas much more than the jungle and the mounts are hands down the best mounts in MMOs.
  12. I found the environments so boring that I fell off after repeatedly dying to the first boss. Never felt the (s)urge to go back to it despite enjoying the combat.
  13. projectmayhem

    General Gaming Is Odd Job Cheating?

    Yes, we would ban him from being used or play a round and the victor got to play as him. Being him on golden gun only games was brilliant. Tiny hat throwing pick.