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CBS and Viacom reach merger deal, ending years of discussions


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22 minutes ago, GeneticBlueprint said:

How come it is good for Star Trek?


When CBS and Viacom split, CBS got the television half of the business and Viacom/Paramount got the movie half of the business. This included splitting franchises like Star Trek into TV and movie halves. This was a big part of what went into the decision to set the JJ movies in an alternate TOS-era universe, for instance: being able to proceed without having to let CBS have any creative control over the movies/share the profits with them.

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13 hours ago, Jason said:

I mean, it's not that bad. This isn't Disney/FOX or anything. I think I read that CBS/Viacom are worth 30 billion total, it's not they are are the monster DIsney or Fox are. But still, less competing interests are always a bad thing. 


And an article on what this means for Star Trek: 

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