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Gamestop Teaming Up With Justin Wong


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I'll be damned, they're trying to do esports now. :thinking:



GameStop today announced an agreement with Justin Wong, ranked No. 1 in countless Street Fighter gaming tournaments, to create a comprehensive gaming clinic coming this fall for GameStop's customers. Wong currently holds the world record for the longest fighting game winning streak, with 300 wins, and is well-known for his ability to comeback against impossible odds - also known as "The Wong Factor."

"As we continue to evolve in the esports space, we are always looking to identify the right partnerships to help support and grow our esports ecosystem - and Justin Wong fits the bill perfectly," said Frank Hamlin, chief customer officer for GameStop. "This partnership allows us to engage with gamers who are looking to improve their gaming skills and it doesn't get any better than aligning ourselves with a legend like Justin Wong."

Through this partnership, Wong and GameStop will create a unique 45-minute gaming clinic comprised of a series of shorter videos that help amateur players perfect their performance in their favorite fighting games. The clinic will cover popular fighting game titles Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter 5.

"Teaming-up with GameStop while supporting the fighting game community is a dream come true," said Justin Wong. "I am excited to develop educational content for some of the top fighting games and raise awareness to this specific area of gaming."

Every month, GameStop partners with esports professionals to offer amateur players the next level of guidance for today's top competitive videogames. All gaming clinics, tournaments and other events can be accessed from www.GameStop.com/esports, which includes original content featuring professional Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch players.


GameStop recently activated a unique Overwatch clinic bringing together top rivals Dallas Fuel and Houston Outlaws. Pros from both teams included Aero, Zacharee, Tikatee, Clockwork, Bani and others shared personal insights on various skills like shield training, the ultimate economy, and professional-grade cooldown management.

GameStop continues to double-down on its esports commitment, which includes:

-- Teaming with Complexity Gaming, Infinite Esports, and Envy Gaming
-- Sponsoring the 11,000 square foot, state-of-the-art GameStop Performance Center, the most advanced esports training facility in the country and the headquarters of Complexity Gaming
-- Sponsoring more than 700 tournaments in partnership with Matcherino
-- Hosting two $5,000 online tournaments, with more on the way
-- Awarding nearly $75,000 in prize money since April
-- Sponsoring the Collegiate Star League with events coming this fall
-- Sponsoring esports watch parties such as the OWL Grand Finals in September




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