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Modern conservatives are ignorant and racist, not scared about economics

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File this one under "duh."


Two-thirds of Tory members believe UK areas ‘under sharia law’, as poll reveals scale of Islamophobia in party



Two-thirds of Conservative Party members believe parts of Britain operate under sharia law, a new poll has shown amid a mounting Islamophobia scandal.


A YouGov poll found almost half of Tories believed in the myth of no-go zones where “non-Muslims are not able to enter” and 39 per cent thought Islamist terror attacks “reflected widespread hostility to Britain among the Muslim community”.



“From the grassroots to the great offices of state, Conservative members buy into racist myths, with almost half unwilling to have a Muslim prime minister – and only 8 per cent being proud to have one – and most denying that there’s even an issue to confront,” said campaigns director Matthew McGregor.


“No mainstream political party should accept racism and racists within its ranks. The Conservatives have paid lip service by saying they have zero tolerance to Islamophobia and anti-Muslim prejudice, but this new poll confirms they face a real crisis.”


And of course they are racist but then deny that they are:



Fewer than one in 10 members thought Islamophobia was an issue in the party, while almost 80 per cent denied there was a problem.



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Every Republican is all about is it affecting me personally. If not they don't care.


So they are willfully ignorant. They don't care about economics if they are doing fine and lie to themselves if they are not doing fine.


Some people are racist because they think the world owes them something that someone else is getting over them. So repressing others makes them feel more important.

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