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Photo captures severity of Greenland's ice loss

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9 minutes ago, SilentWorld said:

Is this the end 


7 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

"It's not the end of the world, but you can see it from here."


I think that any reasonable and educated person can now safely say that we will see the end of our current golden age within the next 100 years unless some miracle technological solution is developed, or a force of international will not seen since...ever (I'm talking the planting of 1-2 trillion trees as a carbon sink). Humanity will survive, but global civilization probably will not as the equatorial region of the planet, current coastal regions, and continental interiors become uninhabitable. At the current rate of CO2 increase, we'll not only see sea levels rise by 150+ feet and global temperatures rise by 3-8C, we also may see the PPM of CO2 exceed the level where humans can perform normal, high-level thought processes.


In the last 100 years, we've seen C02 PPM go from 280 to 420 (currently rising at over 2.5 per year). At 1,000+ you start to see it interfere with critical thinking ability (people can experience drowsiness, be more quick to anger, etc). At 1,500-2,000 you experience even more of this, and above 2,000 you basically make people into angry animals.


So if it continues, then you'd start to see the mind-altering effects in around 230+ years. That's assuming there is no acceleration, and no domino effect.


The one good note is that climatologists are fairly certain that it would be impossible to make Earth into a Venus-like planet on our own, even with CO2 levels that high. Realistically, the equatorial region will be uninhabitable by civilized groups within 50-100 years as the Earth will enter a "hot greenhouse" phase not seen in millions of years.


So to summarize/tl;dr:

  • CO2 is at 420 PPM
  • Has been stable at 280 PPM for 1 million+ years
  • Rising at 2.5 PPM/year
  • Seas levels will rise 150+ feet this century
  • Equatorial region will be uninhabitable within the century, as well as many interiors of continents
  • Critical thinking ability of humans will be inhibited within 230-300 years

The first 5 cannot be avoided at this point. The 6th point can, and hopefully will.

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