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Xbox Streaming Arrives in October - Invites going out now


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There are now two ways to stream Xbox games: the previously revealed xCloud, and now, console streaming. With xCloud, it's a Stadia like, cloud based streaming service to various devices. With Console streaming, your Xbox One becomes a streaming server, allowing Xbox games to be played anywhere.



They didn't really give a lot of details on how this will work, or what exactly is launching in October (is it xCloud and console streaming, only the latter?).


Personally, I like the idea of console streaming, but I mostly want it to work on other TVs in my home.

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15 minutes ago, TwinIon said:

In a not particularly impressive demo, Engadget says that it seems to work well enough playing Halo 5 at 720p60. Of course, the real kicker is that they were playing on a phone wired to ethernet.


Not sure where you got the "not particularly impressive" from, since the article you linked to was pretty positive in tone. I'll include some quotes from it:


"While the testing conditions were a little too ideal, the game streaming service is impressive."


 "I played Resident Evil 7, Hellblade, Halo 5 and more through a Galaxy S10, with an Xbox controller, and it was rather wonderful."


"While resolution here didn't hit full HD (let alone 4K), there were hardly any artifacts and graphical glitches from the game stream. Characters and textures looked crisp on the mobile screen, and everything ran fluidly. It was like playing an Xbox title on a smaller screen, unadulterated."


"Halo 5 was running at 720p resolution and a mostly-consistent 60 frames per second. Gaming resolution is adaptable depending on device and connection speeds, as is the frame rate. Microsoft hasn't specified the speed of the internet (or cellular service) you'll need to run it, but there were several casual mentions regarding connectivity speeds -- apparently, if you can stream Netflix, you can stream Project xCloud. It's something that demands further testing when it launches in earnest."

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2 minutes ago, XxEvil AshxX said:

Not sure where you got the "not particularly impressive" from, since the article you linked to was pretty positive in tone. I'll include some quotes from it: 

Because it was running at 720p over a wired connection. The ability to stream games at 720p in an ideal scenario isn't particularly impressive. Stadia is promising 4K60 with HDR and surround sound, and I doubt they'll be alone in that. Maybe this is the demo they knew they could get to work on the floor at E3, but it's not the kind of thing that sells me on the tech.

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