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Wolfenstein Full Presentation - Youngblood & Cyberpilot (VR), update - multiple Youngblood demo impressions posted

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood's co-op shines even when you're not killing Nazis (PC Gamer)


Youngblood is also a lot less linear than the previous Wolfenstein games. Rather than following a set path from mission to mission, players will reach a hub early on in the game: the French resistance headquarters in Paris. Once there, you'll be able to take on missions in any order you want. A more open and less linear experience is something else that sounds like it will lend itself to more enjoyable co-op play.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood: "When it comes to level design, Arkane has shown us the way (Eurogamer)


The co-op action is the biggest change and while nothing revolutionary, is well considered. Both in the new, sprawling level design and in the abilities offered to players. Youngblood's levels are positively sprawling compared with the previous Wolfenstein games. Their mix of stealth and action lends itself well to Arkane's penchant for rooftops and twisted alleyways, all winding round each other to give you the means to ambush and flank. Handy, when there's a second person running about to help make those pushes happen. Some of the symmetrical spaces, especially on the Zeppelin that acts as the game's tutorial level, feel a little uninspired in their push to make players cooperate, but once you're on the streets of Paris things do settle into something a little more natural.


E3 2019: Wolfenstein: Youngblood's Kids Add Newfangled RPG Stuff To B.J.'s World (Gamespot)


Still, the RPG focus and arcade-style action are very different from other Wolfenstein games and take a little getting used to. Youngblood feels a great deal more "gamey" than MachineGames' other titles. That's part of the point here, as Gustafsson said. MachineGames started from the standpoint of wanting to build a co-op game and went from there--but it also wanted to take a different path than it did with The New Order, its spin-off The Old Blood, and The New Colossus.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood Brings Tons of New Elements To The Series - IGN LIVE E3 2019


Hands on: Wolfenstein: Youngblood Preview (Trusted Reviews)


Wolfenstein: Youngblood is excellent fun, building upon everything that came before it in satisfying ways while introducing an entirely new way to play in its distinctive co-operative approach. While it has me worried for the main trilogy's conclusion and the sense of agency I have in its characters, I'm confident MachineGames will turn this worry on its head and leave me more smitten than ever


Wolfenstein: Youngblood hands-on – MachineGames and Arkane team up for co-op Nazi-shanking action (VG247)


Wolfenstein: Youngblood is a fully co-op experience both for the players and its developers – a cross-studio collaboration akin to how id Software and Avalanche teamed up for Rage 2. MachineGames is on gunfeel, story, and systems, while Dishonored: Death of the Outsider developer Arkane Studios Lyon is focused mainly on level design.


Wolfenstein: Youngblood went all-in on co-op, and it feels like it paid off (GamesRadar+)


Again, you can play Youngblood on your own with an AI sister as your partner, but you'll miss out on some great co-op features. Jess and Soph can use hand signals to give each other boosts, for instance. I went with a classic thumbs-up and Chris used the rocker horns, which gave us health and armor boosts respectively. There are co-op crates and doors which require both players to open, and these often lead to invaluable goods like coins and extra lives. Yes, Youngblood's taken a very old-school approach to its life system. You and your partner share a life pool, so if one of you goes down, you both pay for it. Coupled with the downed-but-revivable state, this makes for some intense and hilarious "oh hell, get over here" moments. 


Will Wolfenstein Work As Co-Op? After Hands-On With Wolfenstein: Youngblood, We're Still Unsure (USgamer)


Despite Wolfenstein: Youngblood's developers assuring us this was a more open-ended sort of game adjacent to Dishonored, we really didn't get a taste of how that is. The levels, while slightly wider, still feel very new era Wolfenstein-y; and in that respect, not especially conducive to co-op gameplay. The foes we faced, like those annoying armored guys who charge at you, were still widely familiar despite the nearly two decades since the direct predecessor in-game. There is still a "take down the commander so the alarm doesn't go off" component, making stealth at least some necessity. While I'm compelled by the quirky characters and mystery at the center of Youngblood, I can't say the new progression system or the level design has me as enthused to see the adventure through.


Wolfenstein Youngblood preview: the next generation revives the series (PCGamesN)


Youngblood’s greatest freedoms, however, stem from the opportunity to play the way you want. Silver coins scattered around levels can be spent on weapon upgrades – I poured resources into my shotgun, reveling in the increased magazine size as enemies buckled under an endless battering from my enhanced boomstick. If you prefer a stealthier approach, scopes and silencers can be added to your weapons, but Jess and Soph are able to help out on that front too. Killing enemies grants experience, and leveling up offers ability points; ‘Crush’, for example, lets you send Nazis flying just by sprinting into them, but if you want to sneak, ‘Cloak’ makes you entirely invisible for a short window. In the heat of combat, these abilities don’t have a huge impact, but when setting up for a fight, it’s nice to be able to even the odds a little.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood co-op hands-on preview — Twin daughters put the squeeze on the Nazis (GamesBeat)


I knew there was something different about playing Wolfenstein: Youngblood when my co-op partner gave me a “pep talk.” That gave me some extra armor and I returned the favor, getting a thumbs up from my partner.


Wolfenstein Youngblood Levels Up the Nazi Blasting Mayhem With RPG Elements (Xbox Achievements)



Wolfenstein Youngblood is no mere spin-off. It certainly doesn't seem like one, at least, given the level of ambition on show; the kind you'd ordinarily expect from a full-blown sequel. A collaborative effort between New Order and New Colossus developer MachineGames and Dishonored studio Arkane Lyon, Youngblood takes the Nazi-smashing series in a slightly new direction, injecting some RPG elements into the formula alongside more open-ended level design.



Finally, Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann really, really liked it!

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