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NVIDIA Launching Next-Generation Graphics Cards At Gamescom 2018

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NVIDIA Launching Next-Generation Graphics Cards At Gamescom 2018

"In line with what I told you a few days ago, another major leak has just occurred with details of invites being leaked (via Videocardz) of an NVIDIA event that will be happening around Gamescom and should be the event we have all been waiting for: the launch of their next-gen GPU lineup. The company is due to release the successor to the Pascal-based Geforce 10 series and this seems to be it.

NVIDIA launching its Next-Generation GeForce series at Gamescom 2018

The wait is over boys and girls, this is the moment we had been waiting for. The invites exist and have been set for Gamescom 2018 which starts on August 2 – a Tuesday. This corresponds with the information I revealed a couple of days back perfectly and should be the time we will see the first glimpse of NV’s brand new GeForce graphics cards, which according to Lenovo will be called the GTX 11 series – so the lineup becomes the GeForce GTX 1180 and GeForce GTX 1170 respectively.

There is not much revealed on the invite and on face value its simply an event to get some hands-on gaming experience but we all know this isn’t how exclusive, press-only, fully sponsored trips to another continent work. While we will almost certainly be seeing only the FE versions at this event, we don’t have any idea of how soon we can expect the custom versions to arrive. Depending on what process the cards are at, it could be anything from a couple of weeks to a month(s) or more.

The architecture will most probably be christened the Turing architecture since NVIDIA’s official account has been paying homage to the great computing pioneer almost religiously for the past couple of weeks and also ties in with the leaks and rumors that we had been hearing. NVIDIA also has a passion for cryptographic puzzles (anyone remember the Geforce 10 launch mystery puzzle?) and would be the most likely candidate for any new and powerful mainstream GPU.

What we know about NVIDIA’s Next-Gen Graphics Card (GTX 1180?) launch at Gamescom so far:

I had already received confirmation that NVIDIA GeForce Add-in-Board partners will be getting shipments of NVIDIA’s next-generation graphics cards based on the Turing architecture sometime in Early August (nomenclature is not confirmed at this point, but GeForce GTX 1180 seems like a good bet). This follows a couple of third-party sources that have already indicated a launch in late Q3 2018 but marks the first time we have an actual date for the event.

Another interesting thing our source shared with us was that the volume of the initial seeding will be very very limited. In fact, they mentioned that initial shipment will be limited to few hundred chips (on the lower side) and the number could be as low as 150-300 GPUs per AIB initially. Many of these will be consumed for development purposes by the AIB. This isn’t particularly surprising since supply is usually pretty bad at most launches and we see retailers like Amazon pumping up the MSRP to cater to the huge demand. In other words, if you manage to snag a GeForce GTX 1180 FE (or whatever NV ends up calling it) at MSRP, consider yourself very lucky.

As far as performance goes, we did hear that you can expect double-digit performance increase over the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti and it could reach significant digits if the company manages to work some magic using its drivers.  Oh and remember when NVIDIA’s CEO Jensen stated that new GPUs are a long way off? Well, this is how he defines ‘a long way off’."


It looks like it will be another paper launch, with cards not being readily available for several months after launch.

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