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Take that! Stupid fishing QTE minigame (FFXII)


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Final Fantasy XII has a fishing minigame where you need to input button sequences as the prompts scroll across the screen (up, down, left or right) before they make it across without making any mistakes, six times in a row plus a bonus sequence if you get the first six. You need to repeat it a bunch of times for different fishing spots and fetch some other stuff. The five rounds for the first area were easy but after that it got tougher. The end prize is an item needed for the ultimate sword. Since other requirements for the sword involve beating the ultimate optional boss it's not really needed but it might come in handy for Trial Mode. Anyway the minigame is a bit absurd seeing as you are not doing the fishing yourself, somebody else is holding a bamboo pole with no line or hook on it and you input the buttons to tell him what to reel in. In FFX-2 HD's button sequence minigames I was able to hit ESC to pause the game but that doesn't work in the minigame in FFXII.


So I tried something that didn't work in FFX-2 HD but did work in FFXII HD. I increase the resolution from 1080p to 4K. Where as FFX-2 worked fine in 4K, FFXII slowed my poor old GTX 680 down to a crawl giving me lots of time to input the sequences and also making the minigame require a lot of patience like real fishing. After a while it got even slower (like less than a frame per second slow) so I lowered the AA a bit to improve performance but still keep it slow enough to have enough time to input the sequences correctly and finished the rest of the rounds. The menu worked fine in 4K so switching back to 1080p to run and save was easy though changing resolution can be a bit glitchy so it might switch to windowed mode with a weird resolution.


The minigame is apparently the bane of many people but all you need to succeed is the PC version of the game, a 4K capable display, and a PC capable of running the game in 4K but very poorly. I'm hoping to upgrade my video card soon but the old card came in handy for this stupid minigame. :silly:

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XII is the one with the Gambit system that mostly plays itself. I beat the ultimate optional super boss in the game yesterday (took over 2 hours but the best times are around 50 minutes) and during that time I had supper and did other things. Occasionally I had to pick up the controller to switch the party leader since it auto-pauses if the leader is dead and the other characters don't revive the leader fast enough and towards the end of the fight I had to get more involved as the boss got faster and stronger.

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