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We’re finally getting some truly good mini-led monitors in 2024


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REDMAGIC has the world's first 4K Mini LED gaming monitor with 5088 LED light zones and a 49" QD-OLED design launching soon.

5088 Light/Dimming Zones vs the current “standard” of 1152 on most monitors. The current top-end mini-LED monitors with the aforementioned 1152 zones come “close” to OLED monitors while being much brighter (honestly, I’ve seen the current top-end mini-LEDs side by side with OLEDs displaying dark scenes at microcenter and you have to actively look for the difference when compared to OLED, while a normal IPS/VA LED vs OLED is pretty obvious in dark scenes). With over 4x the dimming zones on these upcoming models, it’s very possible we’ll get no-bloom/halo effect at all in dark scenes. The biggest question will be pixel response time vs OLED to prevent “blur” during high-speed movement in movies/games. Of course with viewing angles OLED will reign as king and it will largely be panel dependent… but, it’s a monitor, not a TV so who cares about super crazy viewing angles? :p 

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I've gone OLED because I normally game in a very dim/dark space (so the brightness doesn't bother me) and my gaming PC is exclusively used for content consumption (so I don't have burn in concerns, nor concerns about sub-pixel layout).


I really hope they can continue to improve these LCD panels.  They really are so much better for mixed-use PCs and/or ones used in bright spaces.

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