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Daryl Dixon show

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Anyone watching it. I know Walking Dead has been long abandoned by many here, and yet I had to check it out. I'm so confused by this show. I swear like 20 years had gone by in TWD main show (at least it felt like it) and yet this kid from the Dixon show was born towards the start of the apocalypse and yet he's like 11 years?!?!  I can't remember any of the times jumps from any of the various shows being stated flatout how long they were but it sure as hell seemed like more than 10 or 11 years since the outbreak happened

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3 minutes ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

Is this the one where he goes to Paris? How does that work in  this world? I don't really care about TWD anymore, but I will never understand the women who go nuts over Norman Reedus. He is not remotely attractive.


yeah it's taking place in France. Don't quite know how he got there. Series starts with him tied to overturned boat the ends up beaching in France and he says something about he went out looking for something though I don't think he's said what yet or even how he ended up out to sea. I'm assuming we might get that information at some point but given the storylines in TWD we could easily never find out

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For some reason, I ended up watching all of TWD, well during the pandemic I got bored and rewatched everything up to what season 10 that was out already and then at that point I just finished the show to see how they ended it. Anyway there is as timeline skip after season 8, I forget exactly but it does jump a good 10 years after that, if not a little more

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