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SteamWorld Build (PC/Xbox/PlayStation/Switch, 2023) - an "Anno series + Dungeon Keeper" title set in the SteamWorld universe, PC demo available on Steam/EGS/GOG

Commissar SFLUFAN

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A look at the newly announced SteamWorld Build.




I'll be honest: when I heard the new SteamWorld game was a sort of city builder, I was a little bit disappointed. I love this series, and I wanted more of the core SteamWorld games. I wanted to venture out and dig deep into the ground, uncovering mysteries and earning upgrades.


That isn't SteamWorld Build - or at least it isn't at first. Thunderful's announced this as a cross between SimCity and Dungeon Keeper. I loaded up the demo build and started to placing worker buildings and connecting them by road. For five minutes I plodded along, thinking: is this SteamWorld? Really?


I should never have doubted. One of the great things about this series is its willingness to mix things up. One minute it's a sort of crafty Metroidvania. Next minute it's a turn-based tactics game with a bit of billiards mixed in. Then it's a card battler. All I needed was ten minutes or so and I realised: SimCity and Dungeon Keeper? In the SteamWorld universe? Yes please.







We've been hands on with an early version of SteamWorld Build, the new SteamWorld citybuilder from Thunderful and The Station, due out on PC in 2023.




After four years away, SteamWorld is back. If you haven't seen the news yet, Thunderful unveiled SteamWorld Build earlier this evening, the next entry in their genre-hopping series of games about colourful robot pals trying to make their way in the world. As the name implies, this one's a citybuilder, and I've been hands on with an early build of, err, Build, to tell you all about it. No, I'm not sure what's going on with the previously announced Headhunter right now either, but in some ways, I'm glad it's Build that's coming out first.


After all, it's been a hot minute since the last SteamWorld game came out, and Build is shaping up to be the perfect reintroduction to what made this series so special. It goes right back to its roots, reframing that classic SteamWorld Dig story of mining for gold and treasure with a new, management-style eye for town-planning, while also paying homage to where it all began for these jolly old rustbuckets way, way back on the Nintendo DSi. That's right. SteamWorld Build may be a citybuilder on the surface, but down below it's a mining and tower defence 'em up - and having lost several hours to my demo build already, it's really something special.



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I do appreciate “Build” being in the name so I can be disappointed instantly without getting my hopes up.


Look, I’m a Kirby fan so I’m fine with a franchise exploring different genres, but the last one of these was some weird turn based rpg thing, now they have this, a puzzle game, a turn based strategy game, and a 3D third person shooter in the works. No Steamworld Dig 3 to be found. 

I’m at least interested in the third person shooter and maybe it will slightly resemble Dig more than the others at least, but it’s hard to keep caring about a franchise when they flood it with random genres you don’t care about.

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