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Does doing RAID 0 on SSDs make sense?


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I'm not actually thinking of doing this, but I got wondering after a friend mentioned he's planning on doing this. He's a professional video editor and was talking about needing to upgrade his equipment to handle 4K video editing and mentioned doing RAID 0 SSDs. He's in a position where maximizing IO performance makes sense but does RAID 0 actually do anything/is it nearly as big of a boost as compared to doing RAID 0 on HDDs? I thought the performance boost was all about having multiple physical read/write heads going at once, which obviously isn't a thing with SSDs.

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Yeah he can see a good size boost with sequential read/writes (not much of a boost with random read/writes), so long as he has a good platform to put the SSDs in. He'll need plenty of PCIe lanes from the CPU, so he should be looking at the Pro-sumer chips from Intel and AMD and not the normal desktop/gamer ones.


And he should definitely have a backup solution in place with the increased chance of data loss.

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