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D.P. - Season 2 Coming July 28 2023!

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I know my topics don't carry the same prestige as something from @thewhyteboar or @SaysWho? but check out this show.


D.P. is a show on Netflix that follows a division of military police that are tasked with bring back deserters of the military. In Korea all (most?) men are required to serve in the military. But the show isn't happiness and sunshine it definitely paints military life in a negative light. It highlights the toxic culture inside the units and maybe even up the command line in terms of hazing, bullying, etc. Sure serving may not be for everyone but the show really illustrates that what goes on there is one of the greater driving forces to desertion. The show is only six episodes but they're all compelling and well done. If you're one of those folks who are afraid to watch a show on Netflix because it won't get a second season, well a second season of this was confirmed December of last year. So feel free to sit back, relax and enjoy this one!

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Just finished it up. Pretty intense for the most part. It's strange to call this a season 2 with only 6 episodes and mostly a direct continuation of the first season. While the first season felt like it had a formula, DPs going to bring back soldiers, this one flips the formula upside down. It's not about collecting the soldiers anymore but trying to change the system that is driving them to leave. These are genuine and well made episodes. It gets a bit action packed towards the end (dare I say a homage to Oldboy?) but I might enjoy this season more than the first.


Now the biggest question we've got now is will there be more and do we have to wait two years for it to show up?

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