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Bacon makes fun of the Alaloth twitter account by reposting their tweets


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Heartbreaking: Game in my wishlist enters early access.


So after years of waiting for a release date, Alaloth: Champions of The Four Kingdoms launches June 30th in early access with no previous indication that it would do so. 


Welp, I'll never get that game. It really is such a sad turn of events. A single player RPG going into early access... The world just ain't right these days. 

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Gamera Interactive has conveyed that many aspects of Alaloth will be in an unfinished state during its Early Access period, including the game's balancing, quests, and voice overs. Additionally, saves may not be 100% backwards compatible and players may run into several bugs or glitches as well. Although the game will initially only support English, Gamera Interactive plans to add localizations for French, Italian, German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish (Latin American), and Turkish initially; more languages may be added later too.

The developers anticipate that Alaloth will be in Early Access for approximately 12 months and will not have its price change when it exits Early Access into full release.



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  • Bacon changed the title to Bacon makes fun of the Alaloth twitter account by reposting their tweets

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